SMIC's drama Society and the Apocalypse

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Dongfeng Evil, Huan Love thin: sharing, and then how a total wealth in the no smoke of the mall, there are always some more dark campaign.  They are not loudly shouting slogans muzzle external, but turned to the interior quietly shot. With the death of Chairman Jiang at the end of June, SMIC staged a dazzling personnel change Bureau. In just one months time, the original CEO Wang resigned, Zhang as the new chairman, Kibaki Qiu Tzu Yun Airborne CEO, the original COO Yangsning sadly left. The complex personnel infighting behind, is SMIC has long been the Taiwan system, turtle system and other different forces between the competition.  And the end of the personnel infighting, is the loss of customers and performance of the landslide, SMIC, the "battlefield" itself, became the biggest loser of the infighting. From Gome's Huang Guangyu to true kung Fu cai standards and the contradictions of the ex-wife, we have more than one core international. Why was the boss fired by the manager who performed well? Why do the congenial partners end up in their separate ways?  Perhaps "both health, He Senliang" sigh from the ancient, there is no possibility of dissolving, and let competitors "dogs, yuwengdeli" is difficult to avoid the sad ending. The balance between the two may not be until the river on the boat died, and its maintenance of the equilibrium state of the moment fell apart, people clearly realize that this person is really a person. Yangsning with the support of large shareholder Datang Telecom to Wang side fire, lead to the latter and C M O Dike resignation, but people are not as good as days, with the river on the boat of "Tuogu" object Zhang seconded Chiu from Huahong N EC to Smic to take over C E O, has been coveted this job Yangsning has no chance of a comeback,  Resignation became the only option ——— infighting eventually ended with both sides sadly departed. This kind of fight-and-lose battle is sometimes not only in the parallel relationship between professional managers, after the Chinese fast food first brand real kungfu family internal contradictions also turned up on the surface. Because CAI standards of divorce, leading to another share of the founder, brother-in-law Pan Yuhai between the relationship between the disappearance of ties, which led to the management of the competition. In fact, even without the intensification of the divorce problem, you are the founder, I am also the founder, who is the main ups and downs is a problem. Entrepreneurial early days will inevitably have a few together with life and death, the founder of each other, each of the growth of the enterprise is not well intentioned, it will inevitably produce "This is my business, I want how on" the Illusion. But when you want to act entirely in your own mind, the other founders start to feel uneasy, and the idea of "my business is up to you" is in danger.  Especially in some family enterprises, the founder is generally relative, equity convergence, it is more likely to lead to the management of the power of contention, the eventual father-son Quarrel, brother battle, marital strife, labor pains. Since ancient times, the friendship between the monarch and the "easy to share, the joy of sharing," the classic can also be used in many entrepreneurs, for them is "a total entrepreneurial easy, a total of success difficult." Entrepreneur to YehTransformation, so that the relationship between the main minister has a subtle change. What is the most important between the founders of the conservative and the more experienced professional managers? Founder of the creation of the enterprise can be handed to the hand, professional managers of the outstanding talent could be allowed to be called by others to wave it, so all kinds of contradictions unfold.  Generally speaking, the pioneering stage of meritorious staff in the final outcome of three kinds: continue to be slaves, another hill, replaced. To the single authority or to end the internal struggle within the company of the fuse, the most common is the interests and power, followed by the value of the dispute and enterprise development strategy.  After all, the business is not just the boss of the life stage, professional managers and other executives like the desire to achieve self-realization, when some of the main goals are divided, it means that it is difficult to work together on the stage to complete the whole performance. And any kind of contradiction, occurrence of any kind of situation, all necessarily lead to a certain degree of internal friction, each fight in the back of an enterprise's performance and reputation decline and the loss of talent and so on the price. The only thing most rational entrepreneurs want to see is the realization of peacekeeping, except for the flamboyant bosses who want to achieve an alternative balance through their infighting. From the core of the international campaign to see, Wang and Yangsning this fight in addition to power, to a certain extent, because of the development strategy and management contradictions. In SMIC's critical juncture to take over into the Wang country for organizational streamlining and asset disposal, dealing with the Chang era of solar business, a large losses and achieve profitability, but this streamline is not recognized Yangsning. In fact, whether or not the identity of the enterprise's development process in the first hurdle is the ability to form authority, when more authority appears, will not form a maximum authority. Especially in the basic parallel executives, the emergence of multiple authority is almost certain. And if the final single authority appears, the problem is not a problem, otherwise it falls to the first level.  Has the river on the boat core international, regardless of Wang and Yangsning again fights, are stable, is because of this. Starring second and starring in the single Authority is also a good way of keeping the family business in peace. In the early days of the establishment of family enterprises, the authoritative system has not yet formed, shareholders share the basic convergence, if each shareholder "to be the world", will cause other shareholders dissatisfaction. At this time it is best to weaken their role, do a good job behind the scenes investors can, should not be a moment to let the enterprise into the infighting. But in the long run, it is the most effective way to solve the internal infighting of family enterprises and to moderate to the authority.  Haier, Huawei, etc. success, an important reason is to form their own authoritative system. Competition for bosses and professional managers can be likened to a stage where each character has its own position and part of the performance, the former being the helm and the latter responsible for day-to-day affairs. When both downfield and seek their own affairs, this should be peaceful, but the theory is bright and practice is often more complicated. Managers as the boss of the idea and the extension of the arm, once entered the management stage, and the boss formed a principal-agentRelationship, and therefore has a natural advantage, that is standing on the shoulders of giants ——— bosses to manage specific matters. For a long time, it is possible to know only the manager but not the boss, some managers think about the change, from the salary incentive began to chase equity. At this point, such as the enterprise internal to continue to stabilize, the boss and the rights between managers have to make some adjustments. In the case of a hot spot in the United States, there are experts at times, the stock rights incentive plan can be professional managers, the long-term interests of shareholders and long-term development of the company together, to a certain extent, can prevent professional managers short-term business behavior, to prevent insider control and other violations of shareholder rights and interests. At the same time, weakening the starring role is also a panacea for both bosses and managers. Some bosses advertise themselves as "number one" and professional managers are "starring number second", often thinking of themselves and career managers as different levels in the same field, rather than at the same level in different fields. What is more, because the fear of professional managers, the Lord, rob the limelight, everywhere the restrictions, often lead to internal conflict.  In fact, the boss's duty is to do "producer", investment, macro-control development direction, other areas should let managers indulge in deduction. Nancy reporter Lu Jinglian intern Wu Yuehui
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