Snake promotion Dell launches four-way machine R910 server 31500 yuan

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The year of the Snake promotion, Dell launched a e7-4807-based rack server R910, adhering to Dell's excellent design tradition, with excellent flexibility and manageability. At present, there are businesses to the product promotion, the price is 31500 yuan, interested friends may wish to pay attention to.

Dell PowerEdge R910

In terms of configuration, this product comes standard with 2 1.86GHz new generation Xeon e7-4807 processors, 6 core shared 18MB three cache, and a higher level Intel 7500 motherboard chipset to support high-performance operations and super stability and scalability.

In memory, Dell R910 comes with a standard 2GB DDR3 with 64 memory slots for maximum 1TB mass memory expansion. Storage, support SAS hard drives, standard 2 300GB SAS hard drives, which support 16 2.5-inch SAS or SSD drives and provide RAID 5 options and DVDs. In addition, Dell R910 offers a hot-swappable redundant PSU, integrates 4 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, and uses the Matrox G200ew 8MB display chip.

Dell PowerEdge R910 (Xeon E7-4807*2/2GB/3*300GB) basic parameter application type Enterprise product model rack type 4U Processor CPU type Intel Xeon E7-4800cpu model Xeon e7-4807 Standard CPU Quantity 2 Max CPU number 4 process technology 32nm three cache 18MB bus specification QPi 4.8GT/SCPU core six cores CPU thread number 12 thread Board motherboard chipset Intel 7500 display Chip Matrox G200ew, 8MB video memory RAM memory type DDR3 standard memory capacity 2GB storage hard disk type SAS standard hard drive capacity 600GB hard Drive Description 2 block 300GB SAS hard drive internal hard drive rack number maximum support 4 2.5 inches SAS or SSD hard disk hot-swappable hard drive is disc drive DVD array perc H700 Other parameters System Management Dell OpenManage
with Dell Management Console

BMC, compliant with IPMI2.0,IDRAC6 Express

Unified Server Configurator

lifecycle controller can be enabled by the following options: IDRAC6 EXPRESS,IDRAC6 Enterprise and Vflash Systems support Windows Essential Business Server 2008

Windows Server 2008 sp2,x86/x64 (x64 contains HYPER-VTM)

Windows Server 2008 r2,x64 (including HYPER-VTM v2)

Windows HPC Server 2008

Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Windows Essential Business Server 2008

Windows Server 2008 sp2,x86/x64 (x64 contains HYPER-VTM)

Windows Server 2008 r2,x64 (including HYPER-VTM v2)

Windows HPC Server 2008

Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Warranty Note 3 Professional technical support for it and critical tasks 3 years customer service telephone 800-858-0960;400-884-5117 warranty Policy National UNPROFOR, Enjoy three packs of services detailed content after-sales service by brand manufacturers to support the national UNPROFOR, you can enjoy three packs of services. If there is a product quality problem or failure, you can inquire about the nearest repair point, by the manufacturer after sale solution. After troubleshooting by telephone, Dell will dispatch a technician to the customer onsite, or a replacement part or machine (depending on the terms of the service contract) if necessary. Services may vary according to parts availability, geographical restrictions (some areas do not provide door-to-door and/or next business day service) and service contract terms. Telephone note 24-hour telephone service

Comment: Dell R910 is equipped with 2 Xeon e7-4807 to provide strong performance, and as a four-way high-end server, providing excellent virtual machine management program redundancy, suitable for large-scale database deployment, virtualization integration and other environments.

Merchant Information:

Dell PowerEdge R910 (Xeon e7-4807*2/2gb/3*300gb)

[Reference price] 31500 yuan

[Merchant name] Aolong Technology Sales Department

[Contact] 010-82828830 13718183718 13260064688

[Merchant Address] 2 floor, no. 19th Haidian Middle Street, Haidian District, Beijing

Dell PowerEdge R910 (Xeon E7-4807*2/2GB/3*300GB) Product Information Quote Picture Evaluation Application Type: Enterprise Model: Rack Type CPU: Intel Xeon e7-4800 Standard memory capacity: 2GB hard Drive Type: SAS standard hard drive capacity: 600GB See more parameters >> View more Products >> (author: Qin Jing: Qin Jing)
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