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January 20 10 o'clock in the morning, Huawei end of the new ripened B199 in Jingdong Mall, China Telecom official website, Huawei Mall three major electric platform, the first round of simultaneous start snapped up. Only 1 minutes, sales straight to the 100,000 mark, then the sales figures continue to refresh, the first round of snapping up the day sold out. The first sale, only limited to the first round of booking user participation, successfully robbed Huawei ripened B199 consumers really surprised. Eric, one of the first users to snap up Huawei's ripened B199, talks about the phone's experience. Eric and Huawei ripened first met a year ago, "to youth", the Monday from the Jingdong Mall mystery Gift-"ripened handbook" is not to, at random, Eric was full of energy ripened spirit deeply touched. After the Beijing CBD, meet the Lad Chenge "Young is not mixed!" Ripened declaration, rekindled Eric's long-standing passion. Finally, ripened the second generation of new products-Huawei ripened B199 released. January 14, Eric in the Huawei Terminal launched by the ripened youth on the first time to see Huawei ripened B199 style, the full of youthful breath of the mobile phone makes him decisive online participation appointment. "Online shopping talent" is a reputation, the first sales day, Eric in the morning at 8 in front of the computer, open 1 minutes on the success of its revenue bag. Buying success has been more than two days, Eric surprise mood has not calmed down, can't wait to share his and Huawei ripened B199 "Love" of the first experience. First of all, a bright wheat color box on the simple and powerful text infiltration "Young, will go out, experience will be wonderful" ripened spirit, as if a knife, piercing the noise, to break the stereotypes, give people a refreshing feeling. According to Eric, in addition to ripened spirit, he is also very satisfied with the configuration function of this product. Huawei Ripened B199 is equipped with two cameras, including the front camera with 5 million pixels, and support beauty function, and then the camera is up to 13 million pixels, the camera hardware configuration belongs to the current flagship high-end level. Equipped with a 5.5-inch 720p (1280x720-pixel) screen, it has a 3000mAh high-capacity battery, equipped with 1.6GHz high throughput quad-core processors, and runs the Android 4.3 deep custom Emotion UI 1.6 operating system. An open box, Huawei ripened B199 simple atmosphere of the feeling. Huawei ripened B199 back using a full metal matte material, so the fuselage feels quite weighty, giving people a good feel, texture is also quite excellent. Huawei ripened B199 's fuselage adopts the mellow design, the right is the power key and the volume key, the return key is designed on the left side, the operation feels comfortable, convenient. The new machine, I believe everyone will first open the built-in camera to take two photos to see. Huawei Ripened B199 is equipped with a 5 million-pixel front and 13 million-pixel rear-mounted camera combination. Eric is curious about the "full focus" feature without having to focus on the photo and then free to choose the focus, this may not usually use, but for the likes of his hand to create a more spacious space, usually in the travel can also be used in this mode to prevent the missing from the beauty of the focus. It's not strange to mention GPs, Eric's favorite travel enthusiasts, in addition to the use of the United States GPs and Russia's GLONASS positioning system, Huawei ripened B199 joined the Chinese developed Beidou positioning System, in the outdoor search and positioning accuracy of the stability of further further, so that the usefulness of a significant increase. When the mobile phone has become a manifestation of the taste of the self, Huawei ripened B199 to the young audience's product positioning to convey the "experience will be wonderful," The concept of youth, full of active youth positive energy, stimulated by the young people's strong emotional identity. Many netizens who sympathize with Eric say that they have been inspired to inject a full amount of positive energy into their youth.
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