Snapshot does not update, site home Page not the first does not represent the right to be demoted

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A lot of people site home found not in the first, and the first snapshot of many days do not update, think that the site was down the right to face was K, suddenly feel that the sky has fallen, here I tell you, this is not necessarily, if you belong to me under the situation, then the opposite of congratulations, your site weight promotion, Because Baidu attaches great importance to your website content

After six months of observation and experience, found that Baidu snapshot update included some of the problems.

I have two stations, the first clan, the social network And married net has been six months, site home page found not the first, and home snapshots are at least one weeks to update once, began to think that this is what we often say the site down the right, but also more nervous, but through the observation of six months, and remove everything may lead to this kind of situation cheating and SEO, home is still not restored. So I began to summarize. The following is my summary, let me explain slowly.

1, site domain name, home is not the first, but the direct input URL, there is home address, there are snapshots, home snapshots slow, the other pages of the site every day snapshots, so congratulations, you not only have not been down right, on the contrary is the Baidu recognized your station is a high-quality station.

2, updated pages a day or a few hours have Baidu snapshot, but the first page of the snapshot and the fastest snapshot of the difference between 6-8 days, this is normal. But the snapshot of the home page will not be seen until 8 days later. Site still has no home page, also does not represent the right to drop.

What is the reason, and listen to my analysis:

1, originally my site's homepage site has been the first, and in the Baidu keyword ranking is also very good, even if the title of the first page is relatively long, more keywords, more description, Baidu does not think I cheat, and still ranked in front, this is because I update the content every day, more original, because it is just to do the station soon, Baidu has not too late to analyze and crawl inside the page, so the main value of the home, a considerable amount of time value of the home page, the changes of course to the first day to update the snapshot. After a while, Baidu has a further understanding of this station, he is more important to the content of the site, so he paid more attention to the content of the site's pages, and the homepage has only become a façade, so the internal page snapshot is faster, and the homepage is slow down. According to my observation, Baidu at site, the snapshot of the page before the row, the snapshot of the slow row behind, so the home is naturally not the first one. But this does not mean that the right to drop, but Baidu is more important to you, and sometimes the internal page snapshots within 1 hours of the first page is not not not in front and snapshot slow this is normal.

2, the home page in the site does not show, but the direct transmission of the domain name when there is, the first snapshot of the general 8 days update. In fact, this is not not show, but more of the page in the reason, if you update slow down, slow to one weeks or so update, then Baidu will inevitably slow down your page snapshot speed, instead of value home. Many people want to restore the first page in the site, in fact, is not necessary, you just update the frequency to one weeks or so update a little bit, your home page is in Baidu site to the first place.

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