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Today, inadvertently, in the Uch forum to see a post "stand on the members of a word--it is worth the majority of SNS webmaster thoughtful!", because of their own SNS in the past few days to do the site, directly attracted me. A lot of the content of the post, roughly:

A user has sent a word "game so many, are not easy to play ah ..." It's boring. Then webmaster feel now roaming in the game can take out on the tycoon and happy Farm, there are competition for parking, friends trading, these two, just started quite fun, and later found that QQ space also out of the competition, and interface models are pretty n times. Read a number of articles have also been advocated not to rely on the game to retain users, but the individual stationmaster depends on what, the light on the log this function, saw a lot of Uch station, basically are stationmaster in write, why? Because now everyone is used to QQ space, has become a habit, including album function, Webmaster think is not so, how many members of the station will write the log?

Of course, the webmaster also mentioned how to attract users, retain old users, improve online rate! These aside, I just published my opinion, not against the webmaster. First of all, a lot of webmaster is the word SNS to bring in. All know that this is a new thing, is a virtual society to make friends (I understand), plus some large SNS surface scenery. When you decide to do SNS site, whether to consider the site's specific positioning is what. What can you bring to the user? SNS can be said to be a type of Web site, more plainly, it is just a program. Uchome or THINKSS is just a procedure. The program is just for your heart want good site positioning and function services. If not think well, just feel SNS interesting. Just go get it. To know SNS website is not flash+ multi-user blog. The game is not fun, boring. This type of person should be more suitable for flash game Internet cafes. If such a user registers the site for the sole purpose or that your site brings to the user only this concept. This kind of user is more suitable to use the Flash game website to keep. Again on this point, the user is familiar with the site, the site has feelings, the site met a good friend will do. It is better to focus on the content of the blog post than on what to bring to the user, how to let the user interact.

Games, albums or logs, are the additional functions of SNS sites, or interactive functions. Increased value-added services to better serve the users of the website. Should not be the site used to attract users of the fundamental. If you want to use features to attract users, at least you have developed them yourself. Everyone of the same program, the same function, the same plagiarism. I don't know what it is for. For example, to go to the company on the way to meet a man to work in my office to find him a fellow soldier, I helped him lead the way, the road chat very well. But forgot to ask his name and contact. To the company is thinking how to pass and my building this friend know the soldier, I try to find the same building, there is a same floor network, but did not find. Again search Guangzhou same floor net, discover a local SNS community. Although I finally did not find someone. But such types of SNS sites, especially local, are at least as valuable as the core. It is recommended that you study this kind of website. But the Guangzhou same floor net is local. Non-Guangzhou friends do not register. In case the stationmaster came to me and said that I had killed him a lot of worthless users. After all SNS website's core is the user!

Hope that more webmaster can think about what the site really for. I have given up the rubbish station, many domain names are deserted in there. Always need to find something really valuable.

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