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One of the things I've often talked about is the boundaries between social media,, and the search marketing and online media. Focusing on one area has become the past, because focusing on one area will limit your collaborative development in these three channels.

For example, you don't need a lot of SEO knowledge to develop social media marketing programs. Without SEO technology, you lose the profit of universal search and internal links. Conversely, if you are not accustomed to tracking and optimizing online media and paid search activities, your ability to deal with social media is greatly diminished. Facebook fan does not have an ad that promotes online media integration, especially Facebook ads that encourage users to connect to your brand. Ultimately, by optimizing social-sharing technology, advertising and landing pages for media and paid search can turn a paid click into hundreds of free impressions and clicks without spending money. Now, let's look at how to put three of online channels together to break the boundaries of their principles: Google Content Network: paid search or online media? Both, you can use keywords, websites, demographics and geographic location. You can also launch text ads, banners, videos and rich media ads. You can also manage through the Google search interface or make direct media purchases. You can track with PPC or your ad server.

YouTube sponsorship video and coverage ads: online media, social media marketing or paid search? All three are. With online media and paid search options to put video content on your free YouTube and AdWords Channel, you can develop a lot of low cost participation and drive valuable video content browsing. Further, YouTube's social-sharing essentials encourage users to put posts on Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook advertising: Online media or social media marketing? Both. You can make media purchases, but link ads to your free social media marketing web pages. You can put in ads, encourage users to be friends or share your information with friends.

--Social content development: SEO or social media marketing? Both. Video development, tweeting and posting Facebook posts are not just for SEO, it's a huge effort to get links. We do this in order to develop a powerful single social channel. However, this does not mean that it does not need to merge with keywords, links, driving the site's search ranking content will be in Google General search pop, like video and image results.

Contextual ads: Paid search or online media? Both. IntelliTXT text, such as vibrant Media, is targeted by keyword, mainly for sale in PPC mode. Of course, it can also display text ads, flash ads and even video ads.

--Blogs: social media marketing, PR, online media or SEO link development? All four are. Blogging in content development is an effective way to interact with powerful groups, develop content that can be applied to your social channels and websites, guide links to the web, and further enhance the value and credibility of your ads. Like--chiclet ads and landing pages: online media or social media marketing? Both. There is no better way to put social-shared content into advertising and profit from online marketing. Be sure to provide the correct tracking links and methods to develop content around Chiclet.

(Original: March 16, 2010; Compiling: Song XI)

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