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Successful social media operations need to avoid some easy mistakes. These errors can affect your marketing performance. Social marketing Seven sins ① to the fans ② greedy data performance ③ too much performance ego ④ slow ⑤ cause public discontent ⑥ plagiarism ⑦ ego

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The process of community operation is tedious and full of detail, and success is a long way, and social media marketing needs to be more diligent and earnest. How to avoid some of the day-to-day work of easy to ignore the problem is that every marketer needs to consider, I hope that through this article to share with you should pay attention to some of the day-to-day problems.

Many companies upload content day after day, but they have no way of doing poorly on their social-networking site's home page. Their posts make people laugh and cry, drive away fans, and, worse, their presence makes people feel bored to death.

If your business has committed one of the 7 sins of social media content, you should quickly correct it!


#1 sell over to fans

If almost all of your posts are selling something to your fans, you are guilty of greed. This error may also occur in direct marketing, rather than using your reputation, knowledge and community to serve your sales. If your facebook,twitter and blog pages are full of buying information, get rid of them quickly!

#2 Greedy for data performance

Most social media marketers use a lot of time work to gather or encourage interaction on their own pages. This may cover all the pitfalls of marketing, which usually means wanting to be commented, praised or reproduced. Remember, you should not be too greedy with these feedbacks, you can give more, you can get more. Help people, teach people, and comment more!


You must be aware that the companies that are really good at social media are the ones who emphasize their platform. Listening to the audience is more important and interesting than the company's own monologue. Don't put too much emphasis on who you are, you are a business-you should be more involved in your fans expressing your unique personality.

#4 lazy, slow to move

A common mistake is to post too few posts. Fans like the media to visit your page and find something new, even if the number is not large. If you are very lazy, then when the strategy and plan to execute, you have to change your way-otherwise your site will only die.

#5 cause public outrage.

In the social media field you must attach great importance to, do not forget the significance of low-key modesty. Too many negative reports, or too much hostility to angry commentators, cannot raise your profile in the eyes of the public. By mail to quell the situation, you can also use some preferential promises, incentives or customer service at least to calm the parties down.

#6 copied from jealousy.

If your competitors are doing some great things and you're always trying to copy them, remember that it takes effort to do a worthwhile job. If you do it the way you want it to, you may be able to drive away the fans you already have. To find out what kind of content you are fit for, you can use some analytical systems and constantly experiment or tweak your activities.

#7 self-willed and disdain to help

No business is an island, I always say so. In social media, there needs to be a team to do a good job of designing a Web page, so don't be too conceited not to seek help from others. In short, they also use your page. You can also get inspiration, knowledge, and even help from fans, which can improve your page so that it doesn't go out of style.

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