Social networks change advertising, event marketing is not all

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Lau and Liu shook hands with a photo of Tencent's shares with the news of the Beijing-east of the dust settled sweeping major financial or technological media headlines, another photo also detonated the social network of gossip people, the rate of transmission is no less than the former. In more people's eyes, Tencent's contract analysis of Beijing-east long tedious and their own half a dime relationship, but the milk tea sister and 70 years after the electric business between the gossip is hard to resist.

Of course, I don't cheat on the newspaper, but we have to admire the planners behind it (if there are planners): This fits perfectly with the most high-profile time node in China's Internet industry this year, breaking down barriers in different areas and at different age groups with Cross-border thinking, Make full use of the virus effect of social network to create a rich and collected Chinese dream, Jingdong brand benefits, tea sister suction eye, big guy image front ...

This is what the social network in the mobile internet era can offer to the marketplace-an extremely sharp tool that is sweeping the traditional advertising and marketing landscape at unprecedented speed.

Social networks Change Advertising

As we all know, PC-side social networks have two great heirlooms, one is advertising, the other is value-added services. Social networking has changed everything, and with the advent of the wireless era, more profound changes are taking place.

We also took note of its earnings when we threw a 19 billion-dollar takeover WhatsApp for Facebook. Facebook has grown from 490 million to 870 million active subscribers since the first quarter of 2012 to the fourth quarter of 2013, while mobile advertising in the quarter has reached 53% per cent of advertising revenue. The territory of mobile social platforms has become a battleground for Facebook now and in the future. A report by another social giant, Twitter, shows that its mobile ad revenue has stabilized beyond desktop advertising revenue.

Because mobile spot ads are easy to move to mobile terminals and understand mobile social advertising revenue, they can closely track the user's usage patterns. In fact, social ads on mobile devices may help to continue to drive the mobile advertising market. More importantly, social ads on mobile devices appear to be more effective relative to desktop advertising. Facebook's mobile ads have the highest hits, according to TBG, a social advertising optimization platform.

If the Internet in the portal era has not yet been able to truly destroy the confidence of traditional media in advertisers, the full rise of social networking has at least broken the lifeblood of the medium. Now, with the 4G's inspiration, the mobile Internet is on the move, and mobile social networks are showing more lethality. The death knell of the media has rung, and the airwaves, even the portals themselves, are on the verge of being overthrown. Unsurprisingly, advertisers will move to the mobile social arena at a more rapid pace.

Brand needs to be positioned precisely

The commercial path to the domestic mobile social arena has only just begun, relative to dominate such as Facebook and Twitter. And, based on the Chinese characteristics of the Internet's cognitive and behavioral habits, advertising in the mobile social field of test water is more cautious. But China has a bigger potential market. "2014 China Mobile Social Application market Research Report" (hereinafter referred to as "Eric Report") shows: 2013 Chinese PC users reached 590 million, the growth rate of 6.8%, mobile internet users reached 500 million, the growth rate of 19.5%. By 2017, mobile netizens are expected to overtake PC users and become the Internet's largest user group. In the social arena, mobile social networking begins to get more and more traffic and has a wide market space. What's more, the advertising attributes of mobile social have already broken through the bottleneck of mobile advertising.

Mobile advertising has long been constrained by the natural limitations of mobile terminals (mostly hand-held devices), such as frame, resolution, energy consumption, etc., so brand advertising has not been drastically shifted by the PC, but the mobile advertising industry is supported by a variety of app display ads. But mobile social networks are significantly different, in this field every moment in the production of hundreds of millions of text, pictures, videos and users of the forwarding, comments, url links, location, and so on information, if the data into data processing platform, will be able to produce and any previous advertising is completely different precision effect.

Now, though, we're seeing more than just social marketing around events, rather than the scale of well-known brands. But all this is bound to change, micro-BO micro-letter has launched its own advertising platform, the face of the stranger also appeared in the custom of Pepsi-Cola smiley face ... The many advantages of mobile social platforms and products are gradually being recognized by domestic advertisers.

Based on the analysis of real behavior data, social ads facilitate accurate positioning of high-quality users, through accurate crowd focused promotion, after the background of professional data matching tracking, greatly enhance the effect of advertising transformation. This feature makes it go beyond the traditional internet advertising to achieve massive coverage and eye effect. and mobile social advertising is further beyond the existing advantages of social advertising, in addition to precision positioning, data matching and viral transmission, lbs and vertical social characteristics, so that advertising marketing areas and people more targeted, advertising conversion rate is higher. For example, millet use QQ space in 90 seconds sold out 100,000 sets of red meters. Its "online drainage + Intelligent Recommendation + Effect Monitoring" model is also very fit for the wireless O2O form, from the PC to the mobile end of the transition is extremely high.

Event marketing is not all

All along, we seem to have identified event marketing as a more appropriate type of social advertising, only amplifying the nature of the viral spread of social networks, but that is not the case. This also reminds me of the original "about cannon artifact" legend and out of the place of the mo.

Originally thought that the micro-letter can cover days, did not expect to shake off, Ishin, such as a lot of big guys out of the unexpectedly is Mo. It is reported that more than 100 million registered users, the daily active users have exceeded 15 million, group breakthrough 2 million, its users more than 80% are 19-32-year-old young people. If we leave aside the giants of Tencent and Sina, which move from PCs to mobile Internet, there is a big opportunity to focus on location-based mobile social networking from the start.

In fact, the stranger can survive in the shadow of penguins and users broken billion, the original shows the unlimited possibility of mobile social networks. It is said that the street when a penny promotion costs did not spend, but its focus on the lbs stranger social concept to push it to the "artifact" of the typhoon mouth. It may be a bit of a moral ambiguity, but it also proves that mobile social networks are inherently advertising-worthy.

LBS has become the standard for mobile social applications, according to the report, whether it is a completely geographically based alien dating application, or a variety of social applications such as interest maps that can upload location and sign-in information, or traditional mobile applications such as social networks, that are already equipped with LBS capabilities. The current LBS feature is mainly used to mark the location of the users and the users around them, but there are already cases where businesses can promote the LBS feature in social mobile applications. Now such as Mo Mo and so on with lbs function mobile application can directly in the vicinity of the user list interface directly to view the signature. In the long run, the combination of mobile social applications and life service applications is a possible trend.

So, what once "artifact" can tell advertisers to listen to, should be a more pure mobile social network story. But this story is not about "guns"-know that the top yantan: "Mo Mo Company is China's internet industry, the three most positive company (or one). We also try to follow universal values for platform operations. "There is no doubt that the mobile social era should look for the bottom line of advertising marketing," the "artifact" marketing is unintentional, but not copy.

In short, some confusion is normal at a time when mobile social ads are poised to be ready. All parties are changing and testing, for all kinds of mobile social platforms, in the design of good advertising products, the need for a step of the advertisers and users are gradually accepted, it will be a painful and happy process.

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