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As we all know, soft paper is one of the most effective methods of promotion.

We write the purpose of the soft text is in the corresponding user groups to promote the website, establish the brand image of the website, therefore, like game net, want to lock object is the vast number of players, different sites have different user groups, determine the user group, and then according to their respective interests and demand for soft paper writing.

Soft writing, the most important thing is to choose the published site, how to choose the right place?

First of all to see whether this site in the industry is famous, then how to be considered famous? We look like you are to do the game station, you know there are 4399, do stationmaster station, you know stationmaster net wait, do download station, you know Sky software downloads. These stations are in the industry more famous, these site visitors are the industry, then your station to visit the odds will be greatly improved.

Second, to see whether the site's users can become your customers, this is mainly for the web E-commerce site. Then the subdivision is a man or a woman, a child or an old man, in short you divide the finer the better. Send your soft text to these websites to bring your customers will be greatly improved.

Besides, it depends on whether the website is a group of enthusiasts. Like webmaster Nets is assembled a lot of promotional enthusiasts, if you are doing to promote the station, soft Wen can be sent to webmaster nets. So if you are a movie station your soft text can be sent to potatoes, Youku and other sites, similar to other sites.

Here discusses how to choose the promotion of the place, then how to see if you choose the right place? I 211.html "> think the easiest way is three words: see flow. See your website through soft text can bring traffic to your site. If so, then you say choose the right place to promote.

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