Soft marketing has become the major marketing success of network marketing must pay attention to four factors

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Now the soft marketing has become the current network marketing in the mainstream model, although the soft Wen marketing requires the webmaster to invest a certain amount of money, but this money relative to other marketing models, are very cost-effective, such as some of the traditional free marketing mode, in the forum, in the blog post, It still seems like a good choice, after all, it is free, but the time is often and the effect is a serious imbalance, but also very easy to enter the marketing of the misunderstanding, and often to a mass, it seems very labor-saving, but inadvertently be Baidu found that lead to K station, this loss is often greater!

Compared to these marketing models, the charm of soft marketing can be reflected in nature, not only have a good Word-of-mouth brand marketing effect, but also have the role of the site outside the chain, so a soft article produced by the value is very high, but a lot of webmaster does not seem to pulse to soft wen marketing core content, To this end, the author combines their long-term research on soft marketing, share with you the four key elements of soft marketing needs attention!

A: Soft title is like a person's face, need to be very attractive

If we open netease or other websites, we will not first see the entire content of the site, but by clicking on the title to look at the content, in addition, Baidu and other search engines are so, the general first included is the title, so the soft marketing effect in place or not, and the title of the soft text has a very important relationship, In fact, in many theoretical works, are trying to tell the importance of the title of the article, because the title is often a soft core content, is the essence, if the title is attractive, it will attract users to click on the title to see detailed content, so that the content can produce good marketing effect! Otherwise the content is splendid, the title is very general, Will let soft wen miss more readers!

Second: Soft text of the ad implantation requires a certain skill

Now the internet a lot of soft text, is not a soft text, more just some advertising text, this kind of article gives the feeling is very poor, because similar to the hard wide, so the user will not be sensitive, like the Transformers inside, the protagonist must say a drink Shu such lines, give a person's feeling is very blunt, And some soft text implanted advertising effect is very good, for example, a news, seems to say is the industry-related things, but in this industry news, but unknowingly described the key industry brand, this industry brand can be quickly implanted into the hearts of users, forming a very good advertising implantation effect!

Third: Soft content must be wonderful

In addition to the original content of soft text, attractions and wonderful must not be missing, original text, we can scrape the finish, but high-quality, attractive content, it requires the author to spend more thoughts, whether it is the soft text of the story, or news of the soft text implantation, to do without leaving traces, At the same time also need to let users unknowingly will be able to read, for the length of the soft text, I think, only short and not broken, especially now the pace of life is very fast today, users want to see a long speech of patience is not, more is to see the approximate, so the content must be very fast, This can be implanted in the need to embed the content of the ads into the hearts of users!

Four: The release of soft paper also need to pay attention to some skills

Soft writing is completed, for the release of soft text also need to pay attention to certain skills, can not blindly in some of the weight of the local news site published, that the price will be cheaper, I think, now want to make the soft text to obtain better results, in addition to have the industry relevance, but also need a wider coverage, And now a lot of soft publishing agencies have launched a variety of packaged soft text release, such as the number of portal stations, optional several releases, and the price is relatively much cheaper than a release, so the package release soft Wen is a good choice!

In a word, now the soft marketing has become the mainstream model, but in this mainstream, there are many painful things, that is ineffective, so understand the top four soft marketing needs to pay attention to the four key elements, is very necessary, at least to avoid your soft wen marketing into misunderstanding! Promote the effect of soft marketing! This article source: Hangzhou Computer Repair Starting, reproduced please specify, thank you!

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