Soft-Power Innovation Technology Forum with data-driven business change theme held in Beijing

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The "data-driven business change" as the theme of the Soft Power Innovation Technology Forum held in Beijing. This innovation forum is jointly sponsored by the Soft Power Information Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. and IBM, the forum revolves around the big data field, exchanges the advanced technology and the development trend of the Big data field, discusses the opportunity and the challenge of the industry under the data age.

"The core of the big data is to tap into more business value for enterprise informatization and Urban management," said the senior vice president and chief technology officer of the soft-drive. The combination of large data and cloud computing, Internet of Things, mobile interconnection and other emerging technologies will form a new generation of end-to-end seamless overall solution, build data-driven industrial upgrading, and promote the transformation of smarter cities. Leverage the power of large data to accelerate innovation and reshape business and social values. ”

IBM China Software Laboratory large data and analysis business development general manager Gushan said: "IBM as a leading international information technology solutions provider, in the system technology, software technology, modern service industry development has advanced technology, patents, models, and actively cooperate with and support China's long-term science and technology development planning in the country, Information industry development planning, independent innovation and other policies. IBM as a large data and analysis of the industry's absolute leader, sincerely look forward to working closely with friends from all walks of life to contribute to our national economy. ”

"The new generation of large data, whether it is collecting tools, mining technology, processing capacity, application development and platform openness, will have a faster development," said Lei, research director of Baidu's major customer solutions department. Large data applications are no longer the vision of the enterprise, but the ability to become real. It will help many enterprises to find more business value in the vast and complex data. ”

Soft-Power indicates large data as the key technology to realize new IT and enterprise innovation Fusion. It will be integrated with cloud computing, mobile interconnection, digital marketing and other emerging technologies to form a new generation of end-to-end seamless integration program to help enterprises to more in-depth and broader insight into business models and trends in manufacturing, security, marketing and IT Areas to improve operational efficiency and competitive advantage, build data-driven industry upgrades, and drive business change.

The "soft and dynamic Innovation Technology Forum" aims to explore the application prospect and development trend of innovative technology in various industries, to promote the application of new technologies, to drive the development and transformation of enterprises, and to create business model changes.

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