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Soft Wen has been a daily required by every webmaster, webmaster daily and Soft wen to deal with, update articles to soft Wen, contribute to soft wen and so on, in short, soft wen in the webmaster's life is very important. The use of soft text to optimize the site I do not say, next I will talk about how to use soft text for "viral" network marketing methods.

Tools Resources

This kind of information is mainly all kinds of convenient service information, for example, to provide daily life often used in the network tools or query code, such as public transport inquiries, telephone inquiries, mobile phone attribution to the query, weather inquiries, such as the use of these practical query embedded code to the personal webmaster, blogger, virtually, in providing convenience to users at the same time, The spread value and word-of-mouth effect of products or services will be presented.

Second, free class

Free resources at any time will cause attention and spontaneous transmission, such as free mailbox, free space, free domain name, free software, free program, and so on, in fact, many products, are trial or purchase of premium products, free of charge in the viral marketing the most important role is to attract attention, causing participation. Free ebook is currently the most popular method of viral marketing, many businesses put business information in the header of E-books, netizens in the reading of the unconscious access to business information, but it will not have a greater impact on the reading experience. E-books are easy to keep and are easy to spread again.

III. Entertainment class

Entertainment is an important part of life and a common element of life. Recall, you in QQ group reprint most of what content? It must be all kinds of jokes, slang, meat jokes. Entertainment information is one of the few things that can be loved by almost everyone, the integration of business information into entertainment, or the design of entertainment spread scene is an important part of viral marketing design. With the advent of network video, entertainment content and form has a more stereoscopic display way, entertainment video content to more intuitive and vivid form, more easily create a short period of sensational effect, coupled with the current, video production threshold of the reduction, using good network video is also an important link to viral marketing.

Iv. Blessings Category

Every time the festival arrives, various types of blessing types of information is the most concerned about the content of netizens, but also the largest content of the search during the festival, Blessing class information at present the most important diffusion channel is QQ group or BBS, blog reprint, Blessing class information because of its special commemorative meaning, the most easily arouse the sympathetic chord of netizens. The key to the viral transmission of the Blessing class information is how to integrate business information into the blessing activities. Initiate a reprint or participation.

V. Invite the recommended category

The originator of the invitation to viral marketing is Google's Gmail. Googlegmail in the early promotion of the use of hunger marketing and viral marketing dual efficacy, do not accept public registration, but require the invitation of existing users to register.

Master good methods, better marketing their own website, so that their own gain more benefits, this is a successful webmaster should have one of the important capabilities.

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