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Writing in the world recently found in the soft text in addition to the title, the beginning of the soft text is also the key to attract readers. People know that good headlines can attract readers to see what the soft text is saying, but a bad or dull start will give the reader a sense of being cheated by the title and leave with anger. And the wonderful beginning will make the reader feel very comfortable, willing to read.

As we all know, there is no fixed form for soft text, it can be a very formal and serious press release, can also be a beautiful soften story, but also can be a post, advertising language, micro-blog, etc., not rigidly adhere to the form, "soft" to let the reader can't help but indulge in it.

Therefore, the language of the world will be the beginning of the soft text into the following types:

First, straightforward type. The beginning of this type is to manage one thing, easy to speak out, straightforward, as chronological, it in the soft text used less in the press release of the news release to see the most, but not can not be used in the soft text, can generally be used for major events or celebrity star Introduction, To attract readers to continue reading through the great attraction of the soft text itself.

For example: Gastric cancer is considered to be a serious health-affecting disease, when the clinical symptoms are severe, it is often late gastric cancer, patients near death. Now there is a good news that has always been considered to be the most difficult gastric cancer treatment has a revolutionary breakthrough, a miracle of cancer prevention Needle is born in the United States, it can not only significantly reduce the incidence of gastric cancer, but also has a certain effect on advanced gastric cancer, access to the medical community's attention.

Language World Reviews: Opening can be straightforward, but as a promotional purpose of the soft text, or need to be in the beginning of more skills, like stomach cancer is known as the disease, treatment is very difficult, but happened to have an unexpected treatment, not only for patients, but also helpful to healthy people. Everyone is afraid of illness, with a magical gastric cancer prevention needle, how can not sneak peek?

Second, exaggerated stimulus type. This type of beginning is like the title of soft text, in the reader's eyes fleeting moment rushed to seize the reader's eyeball, there are exaggerated elements, but can immediately stimulate the reader's adrenal cortical hormone rise, eager to find out.

For example: 500,000 sets! Sell 500,000 sets a day! So hot sales undoubtedly to the depressed market hit a dose of strong heart needle! What is it that makes customers crazy to buy, in the end what makes customer service busy hands fast cramp? This is the 21st century High-tech products-"extreme gold underwear"!

The language of the world reviews: The rapid shouting out the amazing words is a lot of soft text to attract readers the most commonly used techniques, especially in order to sell as bait. In the popularity of products, sales, prices and many other factors, sales are the most persuasive product quality. Why? Because popularity may be the focus of more people but less people to buy, and "good goods are not cheap" concept is deeply rooted, the price is not convincing. Can be completely different sales, which not only represents the popularity, but also show the determination to pay for the purchase of products consumers, so hot sales not only means that the product of the super popularity, but also represents the absolute confidence of the quality of the product. Of course, the use of the bait outside the sales can also be seen by the writer how to use.

Third, Lenovo guess type. This type of opening is somewhat similar to the exaggerated stimulus type, but not exaggerated, more inclined to realism or personification, allowing the reader to see the first eye while the rich association, guessing what will happen below, so there is the desire to continue reading.

Example one: 3400 meters, that's the distance they measure every day. No matter the wind and rain, no matter frost snow, their footsteps steadily tread firmly on the solid land, or slow or fast, no slack, often people are still asleep, they have gone out of the house bathed in faint morning mist, and people have fallen asleep, they are still dressed in the starlight busy rush. Who are they? They are the electricians of my district power station.

Writing World Comments: realism, you can use simple or gorgeous language to describe an object or a thing, do their best to move the reader, so that the reader willing to think about reading.

Example two: She has a fashionable and beautiful appearance, but more attractive is her front convex after the charming body, smooth and full of elasticity. Of course, and her gentle and considerate, considerate, every day morning and evening a deep kiss is let me drunk not know return. Who can compare to her?

Writing world Comments: personification of the method in the beginning of the soft text is not used much, but if used properly, can easily pull the reader into the soft text. Like this "she" refers to the toothbrush, vivid description let the reader quickly associate to the following may be about "her" of the sexy story, hurry and see. In fact, the wording of the world would like to add: "Oh, you can not think of a fork, she is just a toothbrush!"

Four, story-telling type. This type of opening effect is very obvious, can quickly grasp the reader's attention, but the writers do not use much, because put in the promotion of the product of the beginning of the soft, it appears a bit "heavy", too subtle, failed to lead the product on the nail. However, the story of the beginning of the narrative is not useless, in the story, prose, microblogging more advantages.

For example: There is a well-known fairy tale "Princess of Peas", the Prince hopes to marry a real princess, he looked for a long time, but disappointed. But a rainy night to the girl is indeed a real princess, she can feel 20 layers of mattresses and 20 bed eiderdown under a pea! See, only the real princess can have such delicate skin! After weathered sand, mist, dust, you still want to have like a princess blowing can break the beautiful muscle? No problem! Follow the steps below, You can do it!

Writing the world comments: with familiar or unfamiliar stories as the beginning of the soft, can produce a story-telling of the good atmosphere, tell the story of the people to speak, listen to the story of the people with relish, no one to disturb, the story will be able to go on, want to promote the product can be successfully launched.

When writing soft Wen, do not rush to write, think more, write a good start, so that readers are willing to read, Soft Wen also succeeded half.

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