SoftBank sells new smart machines with radiation detectors to ease public fears

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Recently, according to the news, Japan's third-largest mobile phone operator SoftBank announced that it will soon start selling new smartphones equipped with radiation detectors, the main purpose of which is to ease the concerns of the Japanese population over the last year of the Fudao nuclear power plant crisis over Japan's east coast residual nuclear power, and has received wide attention and anticipation.

The smart machine belongs to the soft Silver Pantone series, provides 8 kinds of fuselage color, contains the sharp custom to measure the radiation level the IC chip, the unit is the micro-west/hourly. The new phone will be available this summer, as well as tracking every area where users can test radiation levels.

A year ago, Japan caused a major earthquake and triggered a tsunami, resulting in explosions and nuclear leakage in the Fudao nuclear power plant, some parts of northeastern Japan also because of high radiation is classified as a restricted area. Japan's anti-nuclear energy mood is high, and advocates in Tokyo and other cities have called for monitoring radiation levels around schools and other public facilities.

"The threat posed by the nuclear accident cannot be seen by the human eye and will continue to be a concern for many, especially for children and mothers," he said. Son, founder and president of SoftBank, stood in front of a photo of Fudao's dilapidated factory.

After last year's earthquake in Japan, son publicly criticized the government's nuclear strategy and embraced the use of renewable energy. He said the smart machine is more portable and more user-friendly than conventional Geiger counters.

SoftBank has yet to disclose the price of the new smart-machine, but son says prices will be within the reach of the public.

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