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Mobile end and PC-side product properties are different, and customer demand is also very large difference, in the failure to find a suitable channel, too much push products or premature layout, are likely to backfire.

In the first quarter of 2012, 81.2% of Chinese mobile internet users used their mobile browsers to surf the Internet, with the number of active third-party mobile browsers reaching 218 million, accounting for 55.9% of mobile users, according to survey data from the Industry Research Institute. Meanwhile, a browser battle for mobile internet portals is also heating up, as Microsoft (IE), Apple (Safari) and Google (Chrome) continue to compete in the mobile browser market, and Yahoo has released axis browsers for Apple's iOS platform, synchronizing with Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari have launched the Axis plug-in; Amazon has developed its own browser for its Kindle device; social networking Facebook has been rumoured to be likely to acquire a Norwegian browser developer, opera Software, or even develop its own browser.

and Sohu 2012 first quarter earnings disclosure, the results show Sogou first quarter to achieve revenue of 23 million U.S. dollars, of which the search contribution of 18 million U.S. dollars, navigation contribution of 5 million U.S. dollars. Wang Xiaoquan revealed that the first half of the total revenue can reach 50 million-55 million U.S. dollars, 2012 annual revenue is expected to be close to 100 million-150 million U.S. dollars. However, the glossy data behind, but there is little Sogou Mobile browser's contribution to appear, such a fact that people can not help but want to ask: The big giants have in the mobile browser layout, the browser will bring them what kind of benefits? And why did the Sogou blunder mobile internet?

Mobile End push channel lacks

There has been a lot of analysis of the internet giants laying out mobile internet, and the more reliable argument is that Google can significantly reduce its "cost of traffic" through its own Chrome browser, and that a dedicated version of Chrome based on the iOS system can also significantly depress the cost of Google's traffic to Apple. In addition, the integration of Google's many applications through its own browser is also one of the purposes. For Yahoo, the goal of its Axis browser is to simplify the search experience, after searching for keywords, do not have to browse the massive links, you can go directly to specific pages. If the product is approved by users, Yahoo will eventually be able to integrate ads in the thumbnail list. As for Facebook, which is looking to make a breakthrough in the mobile Internet, Facebook can get a platform from its browser, either through acquisitions or by itself, to collect more mobile Internet usage data for its location-based ads. Visible, in the entire Internet layout, the browser's cake is quite worth salivating.

Throughout the domestic browser market, in addition to the current Sogou, Baidu, Tencent, 360 and several other big guys have entered the mobile end. Although the promotion of the first portal position of mobile phone browser, thanks to the internet mobile phone, thousand intelligent machine, mainstream manufacturers and capital of the joint promotion, as well as mobile search, mobile social applications, such as the use of the increase, but with the layout of the major Internet companies are not unrelated. and QQ Browser recently released news that support developers to use HTML5 technology development is different, 360 although also already layout mobile end, but a change of the past tough style, the mobile end of the browser is rarely large-scale promotion, this point and Sogou has not yet launched mobile browser products are quite similar. In fact, the analysis will find that 360 and Sogou the largest similarity is that both have a software occupied PC user Desktop, 360 is up to hundreds of millions of of security guards, Sogou also by virtue of the input method to obtain the user a high degree of pro-Lai, and then the two again as an opportunity to promote other products, so the effect of a natural multiplier.

According to the CNZZ data center of the domestic mainstream browser statistical analysis found that June 2012, ie browser to 51.53% of the use rate, 51.93% of the share of the first, 360 browsers to 26.79% of the use rate, 27.03% of the share followed, Rely on input method to occupy a large number of users of the desktop Sogou high-speed browser to 7.78% of the use rate and 8.61% of the share occupy the third, and roaming browser to 2.9% use rate and 2.44% of the share can also be a piece.

Visible in the domestic browser market, 360 and Sogou performance are good, and this advantage once to the mobile end, but it is very easy to become a disadvantage, because the mobile end and PC-side product properties are different, and customer demand also has a very big difference, PC-side users click on ads will not worry about the flow of waste, Also do not worry because the picture too much refresh slow and so on. And advertisers do not have to worry because the effect of cool to occupy the user's desktop, at the mobile end is different, the user's mobile phone screen size is limited, users can use the flow may be considered, or the WiFi signal strength and so will affect the user experience, then in the failure to find a suitable channel, too much push or premature layout, are likely to backfire. In view of this, Sogou has not layout is also in the sense.

The melee was decapitated.

It is understood that the current domestic mobile browser market participants include UC Browser, Opera (oupeng) browser, surfing browser, mobile phone QQ browser, 360 Mobile browser, Baidu Browser, every day browser, more than 10 kinds. is a kind of complex, and in this vast selection of groups, in addition to UC browser to up to 300 million of the number of users to the top of the list, the other few but the difference is not very obvious. Among them, mobile phone QQ browser and Baidu Browser, because of its strong technical and financial support is quite advantageous. And the news said that the browser is also about to get through all the platform, so that users based on the account login to use, it is understood that the browser has been low-key browsing has completed a full range of PC end to the mobile phone end of the layout, while through the Android, iOS and other clients, to this striking. and QQ Browser is also the layout of research and development of new products, with the intention of improving the new products, so that users mobile desktop more tidy, once the QQ browser new product launch, the browser market competition will be more intense.

For the reason that the mobile end could not be laid out, Sogou CEO Wang Xiaoquan previously in the media before the public said: Browsers in the final height of the mobile phone will be far lower than its meaning in the PC, the reason is 2:1, mobile phone application to the client-oriented, mobile phone browser and "cloud" matching degree far less than PC browser and cloud as natural; The PC era is a link to the core of the network structure, but the mobile phone does not link this concept, the browser to resolve the role of the link is weakened, the meaning of natural lost.

Cloud computing layout is also a very important aspect of the browser. Although Sogou in the cloud is also continuing to layout, but other products are not to be outdone. It is understood that proud tour in the global scope has been deployed cloud server, through the cloud computing configuration technology, intelligent distribution of user access points, to ensure that users around the world, no matter where the body, can be fast, stable synchronization collection, configuration and other user data. Proud tour in the cloud has also developed a common user browser-based online collection services. Make proud Tour online service is no longer limited to collection data, but includes browser settings, advertising filtering and other user data, to provide users with a convenient, fast cloud synchronization platform for a new browsing experience.

From the current data, when the foreign mobile browser to the use of existing resources, market advantages to find a way to profit, China Mobile browser manufacturers seem to be in the so-called differentiated horse racing stage, although China's mobile browser manufacturers and browsers are numerous, But from the gap is not very big market share and the market situation of the chaos is not difficult to see, seemingly competitive mobile browser market, there is no absolute leader. In addition, in mobile phone applications, in the various parties to the HTML5 and web app as the future direction of mobile Internet today, in the face of the bright future but unknown path of embarrassment and challenges, with HTML5 technology gradually to mainstream, all manufacturers are likely to stand on the same starting line. While waiting for HTML5 technology gradually mature, as well as the pattern of mobile end gradually clear, Sogou will inevitably launch mobile browser products.

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