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Absrtact: Count down, Sogou map in the industry also has more than 10 years of history, but it chose a completely different path with Gould. If you say that the entire industrial chain of gold coverage, then Sogou map is more focused on travel, but even so, in the mobile internet era, Sogou

Count down, Sogou map in the industry also has more than 10 years of history, but it chose a completely different path with Gould. If you say that the entire industrial chain of gold coverage, then Sogou map is more focused on travel, but even so, in the mobile internet era, Sogou also has its own model to get rid of the map purely instrumental properties.

Kong Xianglai told reporters, "Over the past ten years, the map industry has been a relatively clear upstream and downstream, there are upstream data suppliers, have specialized in providing access to data, there are specialized to do vertical data, such as food and beverage data, tourism type data, hotel class data, there are our map services provider, there are many data class suppliers, For example, such as positioning, satellite maps, in all the map enterprises, Sogou belongs to the most dedicated travel. ”

For the mobile internet era of various opportunities, impulses, as well as the industry's happy enclosure, Sogou showed its own calm. "At present many online businesses want to use the map as a gateway to the Internet, I hope all the users on the mobile phone behavior is launched from the map, hoping to make a big platform concept." However, to change people's living habits, the cost of education market will be very high. We are more conservative because we can see clearly. "Kong Xianglai said.

"We think that travel and map links are the most natural, such as people to solve the problem of travel, the most natural will think of map software, so we travel from the Internet map." ”

Although this makes the cake look small, but the speed of the development of Sogou map is also amazing, the latest published data show that Sogou map is currently ranked as the first mobile phone map of the five, this ranking is including a non-intelligent machine, and if the observation of the smartphone market download changes, Sogou map can be ranked in the top three. More importantly, Sogou map in 2012 Q3 growth is the market-wide first.

Due to focus on travel, Sogou to different users of the subdivision, out of the specialized navigation products, a special bus products. Not only that, in 2012, Sogou map introduced the concept of road conditions, will be based on the traditional static road network computing navigation products developed to the basis of timely road planning path, in order to solve the "first block" bad traffic congestion problem provides an effective, easy-to-use solution.

The search for the development path of Sogou map, Kong Xianglai told reporters: "We have entered the mobile Internet from 2010, just at the beginning and only Sogou map a product, do iOS and Android two platform coverage, and also try to add some features to this product, let it become more and more strong, But then we found that it seems wrong, in the mobile Internet products must be done as light as possible, not like the PC Internet, everything into the inside. From this we identified the mobile Internet diversified product strategy, that is not only a product, but according to the needs of different users to plan different products. ”

For Sogou map finally how to get rid of "free lunch" to achieve real profit, Kong Xianglai told reporters: "Now is not to explore this issue, not completely without business model, if you want to do is also some of the market around the concept of navigation is some business model out, someone in the sale of navigation software, Someone under the navigation software ads, there is such a practice and try. But we feel too early, because now the entire navigation market needs to be nurtured, if the current business model, it is actually small, this size will not be big. ”

In Kong Xianglai's view, the real business model is likely to arise only if the number of users accumulates to 300 million.

Due to focus on travel, so Sogou map in the deep excavation of user needs in the process, found a lot of innovation opportunities, subversion of a number of previously thought to be "can only do so" product features. For example, "Sogou bus" in the "bus map", you can clearly tell you to which station recently, where to change the subway, after the car how to go to the destination. This is the former public transport products do not have. Kong Xianglai told reporters: "We take the concept of travel to do a certain sense of generalization, originally we mentioned that travel is the concept of navigation, but this is only a link in the trip, if the time from the user travel characteristics of the division, we can be divided into travel before, travel, after the trip." Encourage everyone to contribute content to the user in the trip and after the trip. For example, before you go on the map to check things, do some planning, you may have to do a complex strategy, on the PC can be completed, travel will be involved in the mobile phone, guide you to the destination, after the trip is what? Many users will also do, he will share in the process of seeing and seeing, and some will write a big strategy, Some will do the fragmentation of sharing, send a few photos, send a few micro-blog, which is very valuable information. ”

In fact, it's also a way to get rid of the properties of a purely instrumental product in Sogou maps, Kong Xianglai said: "If you are just a tool, the doomed product will not have a very high viscosity, there will be no high loyalty, because the tool has a lot of options, he now use your discomfort, three minutes to you uninstall, and then to use other products." So our concern is, can have some innovative ideas and breakthroughs in the product, so that my products to users to create greater stickiness and higher user loyalty. ”

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