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After two days, Baidu, Sohu has launched their own for the media to provide revenue from the innovative business model, the purpose is very clear to be courted from the media, will itself to create a media carrier. But Baidu is now more focused on the PC side, and Sohu will be all bets on the mobile end.

For Baidu, hundreds of platforms are from the media era of specific products, due to the rapid development of the media this year, Baidu has realized as in the past only with the traditional media to maintain a good relationship is far from enough, after all, since the influence of the media can cover the media sites and social networks everywhere, Baidu's control of the network media is difficult to let the media surrender, so only the homeopathic launch of a new media platform, to recruit from the media to ensure that Baidu will not be "accidental" attacks.

For Sohu, the PC end of the business has been formed for many years, it is difficult to have big changes, and mobile internet is the future trend, Sohu will be the news client to play a mobile internet portal, but also for the media to provide mobile end of the news communication platform, And then through the way of profit from the media to attract the Sohu news client as one of the main communication positions.

Sohu and Baidu's situation is different, so take the strategy also has very big difference. Hundreds can only be regarded as a test of Baidu, success or failure does not matter, the last can be like Tencent's media platform, "Everyone" is the same as enough. Sohu since the development of media platform is related to the whole Sohu news client development trend, and Sohu News client is Sohu in the mobile Internet, one of the core, to the big said, Sohu since the development of media platform has decided the fate of Sohu influence, so the Sohu aspect of course need to pay attention to, Now not only to the media to provide media communications platform, but also "give money to rob people."

Looking back, Tencent shares the Sogou is a large increase in the overall Sohu, close the distance between Sohu and Tencent, which also for the future in all aspects of cooperation to provide the possibility, but Sohu and Tencent have cooperation between the competition, Sohu can not rely entirely on the benefits of cooperation with Tencent, but also rely on their own.

Sogou is one of Sohu's high-quality assets, has now pulled Tencent shares, Sogou can not be in the role of Sohu core products, in addition to Sogou, Sohu has three large business, portals, video, games. Sohu must first in the mobile internet has a good and hit the core products of the firm foothold, and then drive other business development, the current mobile internet in the field of development is the best Portal business News client. Through the 16th Sohu WOLRD Conference will be able to see the news client's attention to the degree of Sohu.

In Sohu WOLRD Conference, Sohu company co-president and COO Wang said the realization of client commercialization of the five aspects: Display ads, interactive marketing, corporate news client, the media from the original advertising platform and precision streaming advertising system. Among them, "interactive marketing" and "self-media primary advertising platform" are for the media to provide the revenue model.

At the end of November at the Guangzhou Auto Show, Sohu has made an attempt on interactive marketing. November 21 to November 23, Sohu News client opened the "Guangzhou Auto Show Live Room" for a period of 3 days from the media live, invited to include a few hands, Dong Lu, Wei, Zhu Weihua, Dongjiren and well-known models of animal and beast and other fields from the media celebrities, Through the mobile phone for cooperation Fang Yingfinidi car Introduction and interaction with netizens, 21st, the opening day of the top online number exceeded 1 million.

In fact, before the Auto Show project, Sohu also had an advance to interactive marketing to do a drill, but the main role is not strictly in the sense of the media, but Nan and Hu such well-known singers. In early November, Sohu News client United Red Bull and the all-round star War has done two of the participants in the marketing interaction, according to official data show, at the same time online number of 1 million and 800,000, the effect is more ideal. This project case for Sohu News client for the commercialization of media to provide operational experience, and then only the Guangzhou auto Show further exploration, as well as the recent ongoing BYD Publishing Hall project.

Through the various fields of media-driven industry fans attention can be for the cooperation of enterprises to bring popularity, and the back of the popular need for cooperative enterprises for the media to pay a certain amount of labor costs. This kind of media platform Interactive Marketing, cooperative Enterprise, Sohu, since the media, readers are beneficiaries, interactive marketing through the activities of the way to bring benefits from the media has been a better way to become a person, but this way to the ability of the media from the higher requirements, not generally from the media can be competent.

Sohu Another way for the media to provide the means of the transformation is through technical means. Internal news, Sohu will be on the line next January "from the media primary advertising system", is intended for the media to mention more opportunities for change. Early will be based on the user's reading habits recommended from the media, the latter will provide the media with the keyword ads, the maximum activation flow driven by the commercialization of the media. In fact, plainly or through the form of advertising will flow into the old routine, but there is a portion of the flow from the media will be a certain proportion of the share. Although earnings may be limited, the mosquito leg is also meat for people who have no steady income from the media.

Sohu actively for the media to provide a platform for the transformation, which or prompted the wave of new changes in the media, give money to rob people of the signs of the war has emerged. The pursuit of "name" in the media is the need of self-realization, the pursuit of "profit" is the need for life, before the media platform for the media to provide a "name", but the name does not take the benefit of the word will let the media people feel the embarrassment of life, now Baidu, Sohu, etc. can provide "name" platform is willing to provide "benefits", This is a direct stimulus to the media industry, and fame and wealth is certainly the best result.

From Sina Weibo to micro-trust public platform, and then to today's Sohu news client, since the media road more and more wide, from the early use of the platform to gather people, to the present occasion platform, can be seen from the influence of the media in step by step, otherwise who will autofrettaged the media have no income.

Although Sohu is willing to provide the opportunity for the media, but it is still embryonic period, since the media people just see a little hope of improving life, Sohu's media platform can not really improve the life of the media from the people still need a long time to observe.

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