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Absrtact: July 19, Sohu Video announced a new round of restructuring, Sohu board chairman and chief Executive Officer Charles Zhang personally in charge of Sohu Video deputy CEO, Sohu Editor-in-Chief Chun as Sohu Video president, director of content plate, Sohu Video original CEO Deng Ye was transferred

July 19, Sohu Video announced a new round of structural adjustment, Sohu Board Chairman and chief Executive Officer Charles Zhang is personally in charge of Sohu Video deputy CEO, Sohu Editor-in-Chief Chun as Sohu Video president, director of content plate, Sohu Video original CEO Deng Ye was transferred COO, Director of Sales and technology. In addition to personnel adjustment, the business structure also has a certain change, mobile video into the Sohu Group Mobile Products Center.

Zhang Yi, an Analysys video analyst, believes that the first step in Zhang's post-Sohu video should be to accelerate mergers and acquisitions to counter Youku and new love art.

Mobile video Stripped separately

According to the Daily Economic news reporter learned that the 2012 Sohu video has carried out a round of internal adjustment. That September, Sohu Video completed sales team, independent of a sales team of more than 100 people. In addition, its products, technology, wireless, video copyright content, and other business units from the complete stripping of Sohu, Sohu Video and Sohu entertainment channels, such as integration.

However, in an interview this May, Charles Zhang told reporters that Sohu video is more suitable for the development of the group structure. In Zhang's view, Sohu video as the future of Sohu Group strategy core, not suitable for swimming and Sogou before the relatively successful split strategy, because the swim and Sogou and Sohu media relationship, as Sohu Video and Sohu media so close.

This is also interpreted as Charles Zhang or will give up the original Sohu Video spin-off plan, will be the video business personnel adjustment.

One of the important changes in the architecture adjustment is the promotion of Chun status. 2011, the original Phoenix satellite TV executive Taiwan Chun joined Sohu, as Sohu company vice President, Sohu Video chief operating Officer (COO). However, according to Sohu insiders revealed that the previous Chun in Sohu video has not been reused, although the external claims responsible for content and media business, in fact, Chun in Sohu video only made a few documentary sections, and then began as Sohu chief editor.

"Sohu personnel need to prove that they have a lot of autonomy and resources." In fact, Chun is in the Sohu editor-in-chief of this more than a year to get up and down the approval, so this time he made video, will get space and resources. "The insiders said.

Yi View Video analyst Zhang Yi that Zhang is the video business to the Sohu group in the overall business of the new planning, redeployment of resources.

An obvious change is that mobile video is stripped to Sohu Wireless division, which is interpreted as the foreshadowing of this adjustment, do not exclude Charles Zhang want mobile video client copy Sohu News client success path.

Three-way breakthrough to counterbalance opponents

Data show that 2009, Zhang Zhang endorsement sohu Video, leading many websites in China to form an anti-piracy alliance, in order to intercept at that time is planning Youku's IPO and Tudou. Subsequently, Sohu Video began to buy a large number of copyright TV drama, with its copyright video content accumulation and entertainment video expertise, in the field of video occupy an important seat, once in the video industry top three.

However, into the second half of 2011, Sohu video into the top management team internal friction, business development slowdown in the situation, at the same time, competitors have a strong enough to run forward. 2012 Youku and potatoes merged to set up a new video group, consolidating the industry's first position; 2013, and Sohu video similarly born "rich second generation" of love odd art also acquired a PPS, the strength status greatly promoted.

It is widely believed that in the strife situation, Charles Zhang had to make adjustments. At the same time, from the financial figures, Sohu also has to increase the company's video investment in the power and revenue requirements. In the first quarter of the 2013 fiscal year, Sohu reported a total revenue of 308 million U.S. dollars, up 3% from the previous quarter.

How will Zhang Chaoyang seek Sohu video breakthrough, also become the industry's attention point. According to Zhang's previous thinking, Sohu Video has three major strategies, the first is content strategy, including purchasing and self-control. The second is the portfolio strategy. Third, the user generated social video content, that is, UGC, this must go very well, in order to ensure the competitiveness of Sohu video.

Zhang Yi that Zhang's leading Sohu video should be the first move to accelerate mergers and acquisitions, expand the scale to counter the Youku and new love, but not only the target of similar competitors, but also may be the industrial upstream or other types of enterprises.

With this statement, according to one Sohu insider revealed that at present, Zhang Chaoyang has set the tone for Sohu video, namely: endogenous growth and acquisition mergers. Specific measures include: continue to look for the video industry acquisition objects, PPLive, thunder and popular etc are in its column; second, in the industrial chain in the downstream layout, has selected a large number of private TV series production companies, film distribution companies, cinema line as the acquisition side; third, with the "good voice of China" and other similar programs to cooperate, To seek a marketing breakthrough.

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