Solution to system error after installing Python program in Ubuntu

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Python is an object-oriented, literal translation of computer programming language, but also a "> powerful and perfect universal language, has a more than 10-year history of development, Mature and stable. This language has a very simple and clear grammatical features that are suitable for performing various high-level tasks and can be run in almost all operating systems. At present, the relevant technology based on this language is developing rapidly, the number of users is expanding rapidly, and the related resources are very large.

Although Python may be roughly categorized as a "scripting language" (script language), some large-scale software development programs such as Zope, Mnet and BitTorrent, Google, and Facebook, are also widely used. Python advocates prefer to call it a high-level dynamic programming language, because "scripting language" refers to a language that is simple programming tasks, such as Shell script, JavaScript, and other programming languages that can only handle simple tasks, and cannot be compared to Python.

In addition, because of Python's good support for C + + and other languages, many people also use Python as a "glue language" (glue language). Use Python to integrate and encapsulate programs written in other languages. Many of the projects inside Google use C + + to write the very high performance requirements and then invoke the appropriate modules in Python.

Ubuntu is installed with Python and is new.

After Ubuntu software is updated, the system does not start up. The solution is as follows:

1.sudo apt Remove linux-image-2.6.31-16-generic

Note: Linux-image-2.6.31-16-generic is the version number you upgraded to, the first option for Ubuntu after startup

The process will appear as shown:

Select the first option.

I remove the time did not appear above the figure, directly removed without prompting, do not know whether the version of the problem, anyway, if and I did not appear above the picture directly removed.

2.sudo Apt Install linux-image-2.6.31-16-generic

sudo update-grub

My system has been able to enter the normal, so the 3rd step of Things I can not confirm is not correct, pending verification!

3. If the boot does not go because of grub problems, you can:

Finally boot up near to your boot section (where you can not go, you may use the Guide disk mount), because I can enter the lower version, hehe



and then reboot.

How to edit the Python program and install the Idle IDE program. Later discovered that idle is Python's shell, can edit the source code, executes the program.

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