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Open the article estimate can not do the concept of the term explanation, I will quote the interpretation of the network, O2O (online to Offline),

Combine offline business opportunities with the Internet to make the internet a front for offline trading. Offline services can be used to line up showmanship, consumers can use the line to filter services, online transactions can be settled. Features: Promotional effect can be checked, each transaction can be tracked. This concept model virtually provides users with more choice and convenience, but also to the offline business opportunities. The concept of O2O, including the derivative of the new concept of products may be true as many internet predictions will become the next gold mining of the electricity business ...

Why to say is the product of class O2O concept? The meaning of the word "class" here is "similar". First of all, the business model of the product, online booking of the required product services and on-line payment costs, offline service providers to perform user subscription service content, user online receive service execution feedback. Each transaction, whether user, product or service provider, is traceable. In a broad sense, it may be said that it is O2O, but in the provision of services is not personally to the line to enjoy service, perhaps it is more like the product of the consumer, but the user is not receiving the logistics sent by courier, but offline service providers after the implementation of online site feedback over the implementation of the service. It is a online-> offline->online operation process. The conceptual definition of this model can be discussed together, perhaps it is just a fuzzy product between the typical O2O model of group buying and the typical mode of the shopping mall.

Interactive design, I believe you as an interactive designer will be very clear ued user-centric design process, I will not elaborate on how each link is done, these in our ued blog has a lot of excellent sharing, I say the project process, a few key points of some design experience it.

Project positioning and Requirements analysis:

After a round of brainstorming, directed to the offline business opportunities, the project team together, the first to do:
Market research: Visit the major cities to investigate interviews, in-depth analysis of business opportunities under the line, consider online and offline how to seamless closure ...
User research: Investigate the age level of target users, personas, user scenarios, frequencies, and acceptance of new product concepts, user image of new products.

The purpose of the research is to get the user's use of the offline service, frequency, experience evaluation and requirements, exquisite how we will be offline use of the scene, the process to better regenerate the online products, how the offline services combined with the Internet use of the habit of innovative to provide users, especially offline business is an entity, In order to break the user's perception of the traditional offline service and the concept of service use, the preparation and analysis are very important to the positioning of product design, interaction and visual communication.

The project needs analysis stage, consider the line and offline seamless closure will be an abnormal tortuous process, may be meeting night and night, to the line of business site inspection, with offline businesses, service personnel to discuss cooperation mode, what can the interaction do? Here incidentally, the benefits of the project system, interaction at this point from the beginning to understand the purpose of the project, together to do with research, field visits, to conduct the analysis of the competition, according to the project team discussed the prototype of the business process to do some interaction concept prototypes. With the business, products, technology to collide, wipe out the final direction of project product design, online ordering and offline execution of the process. Early involvement is very beneficial to the conceptual communication of project product interaction design, the understanding and expression of the online usage scene and the real scene.

Project design phase

Mainly said this concept online site product design key points, these will throughout and affect the entire product interaction design of the content interface, operating procedures and other design, but also include visual design presentation:
1. How to use the online site to convey to the user, the service provided is true and reliable, solve the problem of integrity
Solutions you can try:
A. Provides close to the same usage scenario as offline business, including operating habits, usage processes, scene vision, proximity design, etc.
b. To the user's service feedback, this is the user after the most real feelings, can provide feedback on what way, we have no idea what, the field shot photos? Video? Or is there a better way?
In addition to grasp the above use before the use of rendering and service feedback, there is no better way to express the true and reliable, these are the concept of product design worthy of further discussion and in-depth research.

2. Reflecting the convenience of online selection and payment of service products, this will be the embodiment of the fundamental difference and advantage of line and offline business, and will be the core of the whole site process.
First of all, this type of product online is the same, but it provides a way to sell online, let more Internet users know and choose, in the general online trading process, will be the introduction of service products, shopping collection, as well as payment, how can not be without these three steps, then properly caught this key three steps, Reduce unnecessary page flow, elastic layer, jump, ensure the variety of payment channels to provide and stability, as far as possible to reduce the user in the process of loss, combined with the authenticity mentioned before, throughout the process to design.

3. Grasp the advantages of the Internet, analysis of user purchase behavior psychology, explore and highlight the selling point of the product. Offline business Even if it has a lot of stores and franchises, it covers the face, is not comparable to the Internet, this will be a single place with the traditional offline business marketing approach to distance, interaction can be considered to help product design of several functional performance:
A. Design that shows the advantage of cross-regional distance, such as the demand of users for the service in different cities
B. A design that can be booked at the same time as multiple service locations, such as the traditional offline business, the user can only go to an offline entity at the same time, the Internet can be at the same time to the National service provider under the single, present the way can be described commonly used, such as maps, LBS recommended, product bundle introduction and recommendations and so on.

4. Site design and iteration can not be separated from quantitative data analysis and monitoring
Starting with the investigation, you start to receive a bunch of data, help the pricing of product services, help us analyze the user base and acceptance, and the interaction with the research, product, market together to quantify the data, whether from business, or design will be very valuable, we monitor the optimization of the site based on, for example, in the site monitoring quantification, Can be concerned about UV, from the homepage into the process to complete each step of the data curve, order number, payment rate, conversion rate, ARPU value, monitoring the service products are ordered data, the use of each function module data and so on.

5. Tracking service users, periodic rapid usability testing for iterative optimization to provide more objective basis
The research gets a model of personas, and when the product on the line, the use of product services to order users will be our in-depth study of the target audience, through the occasional telephone interview, questionnaires, interviews with expert users to do iterative optimization of product usability testing, interactive research needs to penetrate the different stages of the project, Not only in the early days of the project, to the project to the visual design, technology research and development will not be concerned about all the time.

The details of the project are many, and may be long-winded to say in a few days and nights, in particular, in the design of the exchange, it is not mixed with offline business negotiations and marketing, the marketing of some of the key points and details, here is a discussion, said the individual in the project interaction design encountered in the situation and experience, We can also discuss this kind of concept more product service Application, design how can do better, to meet the needs of service products, help products to solve the various thresholds, such as impressionist, if you want to do O2O, how to do will be more win, get high input-output, How we can better help our products achieve business value in design. Believe in more product design exploration inside, will derive more concepts come out, such as M2O, Taobao experience entity shop, O2O 3D version ... There are many more things to be done in design to be creative ...


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