Some ideas for buying space should avoid the mistakes novices make

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I have some experience when buying space. (To avoid the novice to buy space often make mistakes)

There is a lot of space now, whether domestic or foreign. There are good and bad services, I believe many owners have been cheated by service providers in the early experience. I have been in the station just built N days continuous bubble search engine inside, in order to find a suitable space for their own. Here to sum up the experience of buying virtual space, I hope we do not go into the same error with me.

1: a penny stock, remember not to be cheap.

In the Internet can often see some of the cheap, large capacity, ISS, traffic and so on in short are not limited, in short, read the price feeling quite appropriate. But calm down to think, if the price is so appropriate, how to profit profitable space? Server maintenance, configuration and bandwidth are the cost of space business, they are not without the business. So cost-effective, where their profits come from, the inevitable result is the server speed, stability, and service decline.

2: blindly buy a package discount.

The general space business is back with a variety of promotions, are generally space + domain name, and some programs + space + domain name (this program with the general high prices are outrageous, mainly Fudge those who just built a station novice and rich Manufacturers) generally this offer is really cheaper to buy, but later if you renew if you will find one of the tricky, Space Chamber of Commerce allows you to bundle renewals, no way to space and domain name in the hands of others, you can not do without it , A year of hard work wasted, so space to seize you this kind of business, the general renewal of the price is very high, so be sure to buy customer service consulting, do not blindly order.

3: try not to buy when you see the space without any restrictions.

Generally just built a rookie webmaster virtual space when buying are generally very concerned about the IIS connection and traffic, in fact, do not have to worry about, because novice initial website can not spend much traffic, the general space to provide you with the traffic and IIS Basically do not have it. Another point of thinking, he gave you nothing, others certainly enjoy the same treatment, a server even with only 10 sites, as long as there is a site occupied by more resources, other sites will certainly be implicated.

4: Do not buy too much functional space.

The so-called Almighty space, that is, asp,, SQL, MYSQL, PHP, etc., anyway, no matter what space business is supported. But I suggest you try not to buy this space when it is not necessary to use this feature. The reason is very simple, a server support more, the background of the loopholes certainly more security is certainly very low, this is very common in the country, the general low-end server without any restrictions. This safety factor is very low, as long as this machine has a loophole, all back to the entire system. Generally mature foreign space are taking responsible approach, although a lot of restrictions, but the safety is relatively high.

5: the purchase of domestic space or foreign space.

In the end is the purchase of domestic space or foreign space, the problem is indeed more tangled, the author when buying space Baidu really for a long time, both have their own pros and cons, the author finally chose the domestic space. Speed ​​is a very important reason There are two websites, we still test to see the gap between the two. This is the domestic space, this is the United States space, we can look at the speed of both, although not much difference, but there is still a gap. But there are advantages and disadvantages in both domestic and foreign space, and I will come up with a separate article on my blog to help you analyze this.

6: space to buy or find a good agent to buy?

This is actually the same. Look at the space business there is no customer service (of course, the general space business has customer service) If the space business customer service, then to compare the space between the price and agents, the cheaper to buy who. (Usually cheaper agents) There is also a small trick, that is, after you find a good space, if you buy an agent you can also Baidu to see if there is no same agent is the agent of this space, Then compare the price of the two. Find a cheap purchase.

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