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For the construction of the chain, it is also a commonplace problem. First of all, let's talk about the original meaning of the chain, a website needs the chain, the original goal is to be able to someone from other sites through the click and come to our website to browse. Of course the search engine is one of the customers.

The following from the more ideal situation to discuss the construction of the chain need to pay attention to a few points of knowledge.

1. Click Flow

Although from the SEO point of view, the external link is to improve the ranking of the most direct means of the site, but click traffic is the original meaning of the link, if a link to traffic from a large site to get traffic, even if the link has nofollow attributes, can not give the site to pass the weight, as long as is a good external link, after all, the purpose of SEO or to get traffic, through the link directly to get traffic, is actually less around a search engine circle.

2. One-way link

The best external link is the other Side webmaster initiative to give one-way links, do not need to link back. Two of sites linked to each other, such as links, weight than one-way links to a lot lower, and there is not much click traffic. Of course, one-way links are more difficult to compare and exchange links. Because of the rare, the value is high.

3. Spontaneous link and edit

The good link is the opposite party stationmaster spontaneously provides, and usually is the webmaster's editorial behavior, namely enhances a certain concept in the article, thinks your page is the best, the most authoritative, therefore links to your page. This editorial link is the real vote.

4. Content Relevance

Content dependencies are important when looking for sources of external links. Content-related degrees apply to both the entire site level and the page level. The theme of the site is of course the best, sometimes a page does not necessarily coincide with the entire site theme, but the theme of the page is linked to the page, but also more than irrelevant page link weight. This is why the webmaster online contributions to the combination of their own industry to write the reasons for the article.

5. Anchor text

Anchor text appears in the target keyword is the best external links, in search engine ranking algorithm has a large proportion. But anchor text cannot be overly concentrated. An external link to the home page all use an anchor text, is usually the main goal of the home page keyword, is often caused by one of the reasons for punishment, because it is too worthwhile, deliberately optimized traces too obvious.

So in the case of possible, the link from the important page as far as possible use the target keyword to do anchor text, weight not too high page, appropriate mix of various anchor text. The spontaneous acquisition of anchor text is so varied that you can't control what other webmaster uses to link text. To avoid the problem of excessive concentration of anchor text

6. Link Location

Footer, left, right when the line in the advertising section, set up a Friendship link interface is the most common phenomenon of trading links. But now the search engine on the page after the block, you can identify the links to these locations, reduce the weight of the vote. Therefore, the external link is best in the body now, because only the body of the link is most likely to have editorial significance and spontaneous links.

7. Domain name weight and rank

issued a link to the domain name of the registration time, PR, Baidu Weight and site home page target keyword ranking, all directly affect the effect of the link. The weight of a website itself directly affects the weight value of his link.

8. Page weight and rank

So search engine, the unit that participates in rank is a webpage, so a webpage weight and rank ability also need to pay attention to one of places.

9. Export the number of links

The more you export links on the lunar surface, the less weight each link will have. That's not much to say.

10. Page updates and snapshots

Although the site weights and rankings and snapshots are not much of a relationship, but if the snapshot of the page update quickly, that this page is often search engine spiders crawl again. Such a page plus go to the link, can be quickly indexed by search engine spiders, counted into the ranking algorithm. If the page snapshot is updated only a few months, it may take several months before you can get the link.

Of course, to see a good chain quality, there are other places to pay attention to, Yangqiang SEO here will not say more.

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