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When it comes to the outside of the chain, naturally will think of the blog, blog comments This place is all seoer will not let go of the place, then how to use this place, so as to improve their efficiency is what I want to say today. I personally think in the blog to send comments to note the following points:

1. Do not use the blog mass software

Many webmaster in order to facilitate, fast, the use of mass blog software to send out the chain, although I have not used a mass of blog software, but I personally feel that this is not good, because software is just software, no one think so meticulous, consider so comprehensive. such as the relevance of the content, the number of exported links on the page, the weight of the page, and so on, these things are not software can be judged, and good mass software or charge, but spent money has no effect on the bad, so the individual or suggest manual construction outside the chain, although the number of manual construction is no way and mass software compared to But the quality is definitely high.

2. Read the blog message before leaving a message

Some seoer into the blog began to leave a message, do not look at this blog inside the message, and finally sent the message to know this page can not leave a message. So personal advice seoer in the message before the comments on the blog inside the message, if there is a link, it explains that this blog comments can be sent with links to the reply, if not then see if you can use the signature to do outside the chain.

3. See if the blog has an anti-spam mechanism

Some of the blog has an anti-spam mechanism, such as WP, inside the Akismet plug-in is the anti-spam. So once you hit this blog, don't bother, find somewhere else.

4. Not too much outside the chain content

Some seoer hair outside the chain that really called a domineering, this page is a person's outside the chain, and some even several sides are a person's outer chain. In fact, this is not good, search engine is not a fool, so obvious that the garbage link will not be included, so in the case of more outside the chain, you can consider several times.

5. Learn to Organize and expand

In the construction of the chain, the ability to publish the blog address of the chain with an Excel table for a collation, is your hands of a resource, after the hair outside the chain do not have to look everywhere. And after sorting out also to observe can send out the chain of the blog, find their similarities, in order to find more can send out the chain of blog.

The above is my personal blog in the construction of the chain of a point of view, write a bad place also please advise. This article by the Li Hao, Integrated Kitchen Network ( network series published, Welcome to reprint, reprint, please keep this link, thank you for your cooperation!

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