Some of our most common mistakes in the Web site optimization process

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have done so long site optimization, encountered a variety of different kinds of errors. You must also be the optimizer of the website. Also in the site optimization process will encounter this or that error problem. Website optimization is a complex and tedious thing. It has no fixed style or regularity. Most of our website optimizer rely on their own experience to practice. Then inevitably encounter some problems, then we will discuss in the site optimization process often encountered problems, from the natural will for our future site optimization work to help guide.

Website optimization is not a quick thing, do anything is not so simple. Website optimization is even more so. It has no fixed format template to refer to, it is a new thing that changes rapidly and updates daily. So in the face of these we in the site optimization process will encounter a lot of trouble. Then we have to do is to familiarize ourselves with what we often meet in the network optimization problems, which problems we often met, and then summed up the experience and lessons for our future site optimization pave the way. Said so much to the end of the Web site optimization which problems are our most common, everyone will encounter different problems, strange. Then I summed up some of our site optimizer in peacetime most often the most likely to make mistakes summed up, to share with you, hope to our website optimization help.

First of all, the site optimization is not urgent, there are many SEO in the site to complete the initial rush to let the site online. They only thought that if the website can be online early to be included. But the fact is not so, then there will be a lot of adverse events. Because each site has just completed the construction, not perfect, but there are a lot of problems to face changes, so that will meet our requirements, or a new site just completed the construction on the line, then there will always be such a flaw is not perfect. Because we a site online, and is included in the words Baidu, then found the problem to modify the site, then the site will create a bad impression of instability, so that the search engine will generate distrust of the site. Thus reducing the collection of sites, the delay of the site.

Second, the site optimization keyword selection is inappropriate. Keywords are particularly important for a website. If you choose a suitable keyword, it will bring a very considerable traffic to the site, otherwise it can only be a daily waste of time to do the ranking of keywords, but in the end no effect whatsoever, or the effect is very small. Therefore, the choice of our keywords neither too long nor too short, neither too hot nor particularly unpopular. If too hot then the result is very difficult to make a good performance, but if too unpopular, so even if the keyword ranking sit up, but can not bring traffic, so the keywords of the site must choose appropriate, the appropriate keyword will bring great benefits to us.

Third, the website update is irregular. Website optimization is a particular discipline. We cannot be free. We can not do it because of our habits, happy today on the day to update a lot of articles, do dozens of chain. He threw him aside for a few days without asking. We also have to pay attention to the content of the update and the proportion of the external chain. Do not blindly focus on only one aspect. On the one hand attention must bring is the other side of contempt. The development of this deformity is also harmful to website optimization. So website optimization should pay attention to regularity.

Finally, it must be the content of the site optimization empty. This is a mistake we often make, an empty Web site has no place to attract people, so the result is not to people's favor. The content of the website we do not fully adopt other content. Just copy and paste then in the end ultimately for themselves is a kind of injury. The content is king this is not only an empty talk, is needs to practice. This article comes from the tea House, the copyright belongs to the tea house all. Tea House Welcome reprint, Reprint please specify the source, and retain the link. Welcome and more users to share search engine Optimization QQ Group (140807976).

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