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Today, online backup has become an important tool for personal and SME backup, and only needs to log on to the Web Administration page to back up the data anytime, anywhere. Online backups have multiple names, which can be called network Backup, SaaS, or cloud backup. The scale of online backup is very small, here to introduce a more well-known online backup enterprises, I hope to help.

I. Mozy

Mozy is a secure online backup service (ie, network hard disk). It is a simple, intelligent and economical way to protect files from corruption. Protect your data from accidental deletion or hardware failure. Regularly back up your data to a secure Server (USA), it will automatically let you never worry about losing important data.


As a Web 2.0 service website that started in April 2006, Mozy has gained more than 175000 users in just 1 years, at the beginning of 2007, Mozy A $ millions of U.S. business contract with GE, Provides an enterprise version of the Mozy Online backup service (MozyPro) for the latter's 300,000 employees worldwide.

Mozy start the biggest advantage is the complete client support, the user can through the Mozy client software to the PC important data every 2 hours to backup, after the backup of the data according to the date/time stored in the Mozy server, one months version can be free to restore.

Two. Kay Backup

Kay Backup is a cloud based automated real-time online backup service product, it is a simple, safe, economical and reliable online backup and restore solution through the use of cloud computing technology, enterprise-level encryption transmission, network Silver level file encryption technology, unique Kay backup file system and professional security data center.

Kay Backup

Unlike other backup solutions, Kay Backup is a backup solution that does not require much time and effort to protect your important data, mainly in the following areas:

1. Value for money protection: the use of Kay Backup, there is no license fee, installation fee, also do not need to charge according to the number of computers;

2. Centralized management: You can view and manage all users, computers, and backup data under your account through the Web interface;

3. Reliable: Your encrypted files are stored in a redundant array of enterprise-class disk servers, performance is very stable;

4. Security: The backup files are encrypted on the local computer, and then transmitted by encryption and securely stored in the backup server of the professional data center in different places;

5. Easy to use: Kay Backup is simple and convenient, even if no technical background can be easily used;

6. Easy installation: Download and install Kay backup quickly and easily, without system integration;

7. Professional Customer Support: Kay backup through the telephone, mail, remote, support and other means to provide you with professional customer support services.

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