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According to Message No. 7th, China's three telecom operators and Tencent, Baidu and other companies signed the "anti-Internet virus Self-discipline Convention" 7th, pledged to jointly promote the Internet anti-virus work of the network, but also show the important operators of anti-virus, network security responsible cooperation.

The Convention provides that ISPs should ensure that their own products and services are safe and reliable, refusing to provide information, software downloads and content links to network viruses, hacker activities, etc. once found that the company contracted the company contracted customers engaged in the above-mentioned adverse activities, should immediately notify users to stop related activities or according to the relevant national laws, regulations , Executive order or customer service contract to take boycott measures.

However, as an ordinary netizen, how will we protect ourselves against cyber security threats? The following, this article please China Connaught Network security experts to introduce a few common network security threats, and give the corresponding preventive measures:

One, easy to crack password

We all know, personal privacy is how important, but on the network but occasionally personal privacy exposure, human flesh search Wu Shi side of the use, often in the unknown to become a high click-through Network "star." Common in peacetime QQ space, happy net, blog and so on, set the account password is too simple, or the answer to security questions easy to crack, is not organic people to spread.

Therefore, on the defensive, experts recommend the use of Password safe and version of the KeePass Password safe tool. Once you have used the password manager and make sure you want to back up your password file, you can protect your password.

Ii. attacks on phishing mails

The bombing of the phishing Mail, which is a lot of netizens accidentally will be fooled. Maybe sometimes, there is no malware secretly downloading, but if you receive a letter from a bank or a large organization, write congratulations, receive bonuses, warm reminders and so on a series of topics, users need to pay more attention to, must not be curious, or other reasons to click into the accompanying link, otherwise the results can be imagined, is to fall into the trap of the fraudster.

As a network security data center, China Connaught Network reminds you, if the Bank of the mail, must be based on the bank's official website published information, as well as contact, remember that it is impossible to believe that the message with the contact means, or prompted the credit card number and password error, ask you to revise the information and so on, These are used by fraudsters.

For online credit card scams, some bank websites offer one-time credit card numbers. You can also open a little money for online payment of credit cards, you can maximize the reduction of losses.

Third, zombie network

Zombie network poses a major threat to today's network security, it is a point spread to the surface of the harm, the attackers use an attack platform, can attack the entire basic information network or system paralysis, can say, personal privacy information, business Secrets will be disclosed.

In general, botnets are flexible and geographically dispersed, and it is difficult to determine the mode in which they attack computers. As an individual user, the best precaution is to install the security firewall and antivirus software, and constantly update and upgrade.

It only addresses three of the most current threats to cyber security, yet there are other aspects of insecurity that threaten our information security, personal privacy, and business secrets. Everyone needs to be around the small details to start to protect their own network security, at the same time, the "anti-network virus self-discipline Convention" signed, but also show the participation of the whole society, the protection of Internet security, we are duty-bound to work together to eliminate security risks.

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