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Friendship links should be said to be all the people who do SEO necessary skills, because it for the vast majority of sites have important significance. So are we going to do it at random when we're exchanging links? I think there are some learning, the following information on the Internet to talk about their views.

Do not have a person to do SEO from a number of site rankings and floating accurately say the benefits of how much, we can only say: This is the right, as to how correct, only the search engine itself will know the link exchange itself and there is nothing wrong. It is normal for a webmaster to make mutually beneficial transactions with other business partners or websites. However, it should be noted that friendship link exchange can only be part of all external links in the site, can not become a site all the external links are all exchanged.

Before the webmaster to avoid friendship link exchange, and then changed to avoid excessive friendship link exchange. Like Google directory, Yahoo directory, you can be sure that the two directories have links between the situation. In a sense, Google and Yahoo is a link between the exchange of links. So the friendship link exchange naturally occurs when is very normal. Avoid excessive exchange, which sounds vague and where the boundaries are. In fact, most people actually understand what is excessive.

In fact, with the update of Baidu algorithm, many webmasters have highlighted the number and quality of the export links, but the importance of the PR is greatly reduced. In other words, in exchange for links when the general will pay attention to the quality of the other site, such as whether the home page in the first, snapshot date, included quantity and so on indicators.

It's just superficial insights, not necessarily right, and please correct me. In addition to their own station to leave a link: Guangzhou moved Thanks a lot!

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