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I am a novice, just started to learn SEO, my first task is to do friendship links, I believe that a lot of SEO senior people are such step by step. Now, I have completed the task, but also experienced the ups and downs of friendship chain. Here, I summed up the novice to do friends chain points of attention, I hope you can use this platform to the same novice students a little enlightenment.

First, prepare to do a good job

Here's a lot of preparation: first, you have to understand the links to some of the basic knowledge, especially the quality of links to the evaluation, such as Alexa rankings, PR value, site weights, snapshots of the page, including numbers, you must know their concept, and know how to judge; You need to know some of the links to do some of the attention, to prevent and some will reduce their own site weight even let their site is K's site chain; again, you have to clear the basic steps of friendship links.

Ii. Setting goals

In the beginning to do a friendship link before you must make a clear, detailed short-term goals, such as three days to do a good job of 4 links and so on, must be specific, and can be achieved. At the same time, you can refer to some of the online links to share experience, for their own combat plan, and then, according to the plan step by step, must not think of what to do, otherwise, will only be less.

Third, diligent thinking, good at summing up

Every once in a while to sum up, to see how much of their success, how many failed to think about their own failure, where the reasons for success and where to learn from, learn from experience, adjust mentality, for the next phase of the work to do a psychological preparation.

Four, as a novice must be good at learning

Because is a novice, understand the knowledge is limited, may you in with other stationmaster to communicate the process to discover many things oneself do not know, must not allow it to go, now the network World resources are many, must make full use, encounters does not understand immediately searches the answer, or humbly ask for advice. Now is a fast time, especially in the internet industry, so novice you must always keep learning state.

V. Communication skills are important

Communication on the Internet is not like the communication in reality, you may be able to speak, but, on the internet is not the same, I deeply feel that the reality of communication is more relaxed, because you can visually see the other side of the facial expression, body language, so that you can understand each other on your language a general reaction, but, The network is not the same, you can not see other, only text, and the reaction speed will be much slower. Therefore, the proposal is not good at online chatting novice, you can go to some of the network communication skills of the article, this will deal with a little more comfortable.

Must be attentive and patient

In fact, these two points are very useful in any industry. I am in the process of making links, experienced a great psychological changes, from the beginning of the enthusiasm to later, have wanted to give up, because my willpower is too weak, my patience is too little, distracting too much, later, or in the teacher's guidance, just insisted on down. After that, I did a lot of reflection, found himself a big factor is not put a good mentality, decided to do one thing is easy, but really want to do things well, it takes a firm heart and enough patience to complete. Therefore, I would like to be a novice you say, do not be afraid of boring, fear of suffering, tired, to have patience, there is a saying that since the choice of the distance, then only the trials and tribulations, we have to work hard, believe that their distance is not too far.

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