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With the popularization of the Internet development, more and more grassroots owners appear, each webmaster do the site, the type of site is also changing, and so on. Today mainly talk about weight loss type of Web site development and business model.

Weight loss, is generally targeted at female groups, this group has a culture, literacy, mainly white-collar workers, are generally sedentary office, regardless of fat and thin have this demand. Do weight loss site to the characteristics of this group to adjust the site, as much as possible to attract the eyes of these potential users, retain users.

First of all, weight loss type of Web site, web design must be healthy, concise, beautiful.

Weight loss site users are mainly female groups, website design must be different from the game site, Web site categories, weight loss site to be concise and beautiful, refreshing nature, to meet the aesthetic requirements of white-collar workers. The website is not too fancy, has the intension, the readability is strong will attract the user. In addition, the site to reduce the use of flash, affect the page open, affect the user mood.

For example, popular thin, website design Concise, refreshing, simple classification, including weight loss methods, diet, and so on, there are some star weight loss stories, have a higher readability. The site also set up a wishing wall, users can write their own wishes, convey blessings. This way can increase the affinity of the website, improve the user stickiness. However, the content of the website is still not rich enough, relatively thin some, hope to be able to add more readability article.

Second, the content of the site to be readable, you can have some entertainment, emotion, star and other information.

The potential users of the weight loss website are not exclusive of the information of entertainment gossip, and they are even interested in paying attention to the psychological characteristics of women. Weight loss site can be more perfect in these content, in the introduction of weight loss information at the same time, but also do not forget to add some entertainment feelings for users, such as soft news, increase user stickiness.

For example, NetEase women's weight Loss salon Http://, introduced a lot of star weight loss stories, female groups like to see the star Gossip News, to meet the needs of users, improve user stickiness. The website's readability is very strong, the weight loss story, the Salon self-study area, the salon sharing, satisfies the user psychological demand, very can retain the user.

Finally, the website should enhance the interactivity, may set the weight loss person's heart calendar journey Introduction, the weight loss experience sharing and so on.

Every person who does the website, he will also leave the attitude of doing the station on the website. A webmaster does the station whether attentively, also can embody on his website, the user can feel. So stationmaster do station must not ignore user's super strong feeling ability. There is something to say about weight loss groups, which can provide a sharing platform, enhance interactivity, help retain users and develop into long-term customers. Web site to take into account the needs of users in order to gain the goodwill of users.

Everyone is very familiar with the 39 healthy weight loss, website user interaction done very well, set weight loss hot wen, give users a platform to share the mood, so that users can not only see also speak, interactive is very strong, set weight loss experts, enhance authority, so that users more trust; Set the monthly weight loss star, encourage the morale of dieters, real for the sake of users, can enhance the loyalty of users.

In short, do the site is to heart. Webmaster Network Dream River, no matter what type of site, as long as the station, what projects can be profitable. Weight loss type of site is not to do short-term traffic, it is slowly developing, there is no one-night traffic rose in the myth, but the intention to do the station, the same can get the user's support and recognition, also can bring their own benefits. If webmaster you, now is to do weight loss site, do not easily give up your site, step, to believe that the site will be brilliant tomorrow. (Wen/Meng Jiang)

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