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A website, a feature, if a site is not even a feature, how to retain users, many times, we are always constantly getting new users, but forgot how to have been to my site to retain friends, if a site always get new users as its first element, there will be one day, Resources always slow down, at that time, you get is those faint blank, look back at that time, you will find that many of the things you do is too much, promotion is not bad, but if you can not put the content in the first element, you promote the user how to become your long-term users it, This text, is to the content of the Web site some of the small thinking, dedicated to everyone.

Most of the time, we are talking about how the site content should be done, many friends will say, site content must be original, or please people, or write their own, and so on, this sentence itself is not wrong, but, I would like to ask you why there is so much energy to create an original content of an article, if the site is big, Need more content to add, do you want to ask the hundreds of editors to edit the article every day? In fact, if some of them all revolve around a topic to explain, these content has fear.

1th: Website content frame build, copy and paste is not a good way

Many people have said that the duplication of the network on the emergence of a large number of articles is the site of some harm, these in my opinion, exaggerated, or a lot of websites rely on such content is also good, perhaps you will say, these are large stations, is rarely down the right, (PS: If all things want to reason, everything will be the reason). What is the quality of the site content, copy and paste content is not good? The author is never said so, as Stationmaster station and A5 like, every day also have a lot of the same information appears, may even the same word, but still will get the approval of editors, so as to obtain static content. Here, around the content of the article will be the user's greatest experience, here is not the original, is not copied paste out.

Copying and pasting is not a mistake in itself, with good, than those who keep away from friends will be more appropriate, remember in the previous Baidu club has also seen, Baidu judge the quality of the article is high or not high, is that this article has been the user's favorite, whether the user's recommendation, This recommendation includes whether it is the right crowd, whether there is a large number of user comments, whether there is a certain amount of reprint, under this judgment, will certainly understand that such content is not suitable for, for example, a copy of the article, put on the site, triggered a lot of comments, this page is dynamic, So for search, every time you come in, you always see something new, and that's proving to be active, which is a valuable article for search.

After we have identified the site theme, we will think of how to dig a lot of information from this topic, what kind of information will I get from this topic, and these skills are a challenge because, in itself, copying and pasting is about finding the most relevant content to meet your theme requirements, rather than simply perfunctory ( such as acquisition is), according to their own content of the site to identify high-quality content, and then guide the user's interest point, so that content can be active, copy and paste, often is the future of the site, the most important has been bad, because it is the test webmaster himself to the user's observation and understanding.

2nd: The website content frame builds, digs out the website brand value content

I know that the most indispensable thing is the article, is the content, after all the internet after so many years of development also has so many foundation precipitation, but, if do not make a website to do their own characteristics, can not use the value of the user to retain, these will also be clouds, an article of the swim scattered in the sky. We usually do the site, there are two purposes, one is that we do the site, and then let users to find our characteristics, the other is that we do the site, and then through the characteristics of the user to do the advantages of characteristics, if it is you, how will you choose? I believe most people are the second, but many websites don't. Because now in the brand value, content really is not for users, in fact, we need is to let these content constantly improve their brand, for example, I am a translation of foreign posts around the information station, then this is my own advantage, then from here, this is to let users see, If you want to find a foreign translation, this will be your best place.

In fact, every website should make its own content value, after all, this value allows users to come to your site every day to find something of interest, and this is the point, when users become a habit, directly belong to your domain name or brand words into the people will be more and more, This more and more situation will give you the greatest degree of brand exposure, this is what we mentioned in the title, want to reduce the development of new users, and let more people stabilize to their website, this is the key word, for example, shopping Taobao, many people have become a habit, When you want to cultivate another habit, please remember the advantages and slogans you must make.

3rd: Website content framework to build, what is original, how to use

Now try to think about, now the Internet in the original content will have how many, how much is not a patchwork, then what is original, then the author to give some examples, a forum where the original? In fact, we have seen many forums are copied, paste the articles on the Internet, these are not original , so many original sources are the following points.

Own activities: For example, A5 forum every few months will have essay contest, now still in the "good-bye 2012, Hello 2013,a5 Hashanah activities at the end of the year, look forward to your warm join," such as Webmaster Station, "" Inductive 2012 "Pro ~ You harvest it?" These are the resources of the Forum itself to find the original activity, and this way, on the one hand is to mobilize the overall activity, on the other hand is to make their own forum looks more professional, after all, a moderator's writing ability is limited, but through the ability to concentrate members, that is the forum original long-term big strokes.

And for other sites, it is also necessary to guide users to contribute their inspiration, for example, send a network, know, these are very advantageous content platform, because the beginning of the user to guide their posts, the share of the things most also meaningful and after their own collation, that is, high-quality content, And after the recommendation of moderators, more representative, this situation also lies in the quality of the users separate, strictly control the forum itself, the water paste, and eventually formed a good atmosphere, that is the site content original base.

These small thinking, will gradually form a big thinking, only in this way, can continue to progress, and constantly make their own future, and constantly strengthen their own points of knowledge, internship bar your website, your youth, with the content of the maintenance of their own taste, That is the real site content requirements.

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