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The first thing to say is to believe in yourself, many problems can be solved on their own. Don't underestimate yourself. Don't ask others if you have a problem, just think about it and search the Internet. A lot of new people need to take, yes, someone to bring is a good thing, but you have to find the right person, People who are slightly taller than their own are more than happy. But if you find a net earner to bring a sanbuzhi novice. Think it's possible?

In fact, the key is to rely on their own. Forum is a good place to study, as well as search engines, what you want to search their own, generally can be found, with your knowledge of the network to deepen, you encounter problems are very few people can answer, Even those who are better than you may not know the answer. In the end, they are doing their own research. Second, to make friends with like-minded people. No matter the reality or the network, friends are a big factor of success. You can also encouragement each other.

Some advice to novice friends: dive in different forums first, learn the necessary knowledge, there are problems directly in the forum, many enthusiastic friends are willing to answer. This will soon know what you want to do. It is unwise to ask others what to do to make money at first, for example, some people say that doing Clickbank can make a lot of money, This is true, but these are not net money novice can play.

What is the basis of the individual to earn a friend started to do mail, PTP is relatively good to start, although these can not make any money, but these will make you more easily accustomed to English station, and can find a good online guidance. Many problem master may not have time may not have the mood to answer, But if it is your online will be very patient guidance. This is a very important thing to learn to do in English. Doing email clicks is not an end, it's just a process. So don't expect to make any money, you can learn useful things. Again, it's hard to make money by clicking emails, but a lot of masters come from them.

If there is a little foundation for a friend to start positioning in the station is a better choice. Choose some good ads (such as Google AdSense), while learning SEO, I believe that will soon be able to make a lot of money. Google AdSense has given a lot of people confidence. Personal experience, do Google AdSense money is more than 10 times times the average domestic advertising. I just started doing AdSense use is a Chinese station, traffic is very small, one day 500IP,1200PV, the first month to no avail, only made 15 dollars, the second month to make 103 dollars.

As for the basis of good people, you can do more advanced, such as sales and so on. NET earns a few million knives. As to whether the attainment of this realm mainly depends on the perception of the individual, not other people words can be taught.

Many novice puny, at first want to make a lot of money. This is very unlikely. It takes a growing process to make a net. It is unwise to try to cheat in the beginning. There is no technology, and secondly Zuo Bi failed to make you lose confidence in the net. In fact, the formal can make a lot of money. This forum does not discuss Zuo Bi. So try not to ask questions about Zuo Bi in the forum.

Just write this, the above view is only for test. Hope to give a little help to the broad masses of beginners.

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