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Absrtact: The quality and quantity of the external links of the website is critical to the site keyword ranking, I think all the SEO are clear, we commonly used to establish external links is nothing more than forum post, forum signature and soft text, there are some other ways, the fastest

The quality and quantity of the site's external links are critical to the site's keyword rankings, I think all of the SEO is clear, we commonly used to establish external links is nothing more than the forum post, forum signature and soft Wen, there are some other ways, the fastest and the best effect I think is a soft text, but write soft wen need time and experience, We are constantly busy every day, so the number and quality of soft paper can not be guaranteed, update is not very regular, so the forum became our first front, every day to send a few posts, reply to a few posts, a good forum can soon be included, such as webmaster nets, are quickly included, and the weight of the import is also good, But we all have to rush or violate the time, once this will cause to be sealed the latter penalty, so how we deal with these problems, I give webmaster some suggestions.

First of all explain the advantages of the next forum on SEO, the forum is the search engine often stop place, as long as we say a few words, will soon be included in a very short period of time to bring a large number of effective connections, and some forums can also bring anchor points, this SEO is a lot of benefits, sometimes in the title can also bring on the connection, There is also the most important time for the forum signature, which has been to make the search engine objectionable things, but has not been able to large scale down the right, no matter whether we post or restore can be search engine crawl to, by virtue of these points, the forum is what we seem to be the most advantageous field of SEO, but after a sign, we are very dazed, do not know how to be good, So before we do, we must be prepared.

First: How to avoid being moderator and punishment, before the release must carefully read the plate rules, whether to let the band connection, after the violation of what punishment, want to the end of the earth is the punishment of the basic number, delete all the connection, that such a loss is huge, so we do not touch their bottom line, we can not frequently issued the release, Register a few more accounts, each account cycle of the release, this will reduce the penalty or the number of letters.

Second: The choice of the forum, now the forum is too much, we do not have all released, looking for a few high weight and included a quick forum release on the line, I recommend a few, webmaster forum, Push, outdated and tianya, basically enough, although very strict but there are loopholes can be drilled, Like pushing a few plates, we can have connections, we can do anchor points, the condition is if the soft wen, there is the site diagnostics, with the connection is the usual thing, and we normally say a few words on the line, the forum signature, reprint can, the laggard, as long as the positive after can, the end of the world to find the right plate is on the line, But be careful not to post too much.

Third: The forum signature, now many forums support the forum signature, in the signature must not casually cancel the signature, we can add online, not to reduce, because once the connection is reduced, he will be in a very short period of time to cancel the chain, for the forum links occupy most of the site is a devastating blow. Forum Signature also pay attention to methods, each link should be separated by symbols, so conducive to the import of links.

Four: Encountered do not let the link with the site to deal with, I think every forum will have advertising area and question and answer area, or exchange links, these are very good to do outside the chain of places, especially the Friendship Link exchange zone, it is impossible not to bring connection bar, this gives us the opportunity.

V: once sealed or punished, under normal circumstances we can only find webmaster or moderator consultation, many see the situation is can be said, so before we still have to know the webmaster or moderators, and they communicate a lot, establish a good relationship, once the violation, not delete number, We know that the deletion can be a few months or years of our efforts ah, here I suggest that you should not touch the forum post to their bottom line, in fact, the forum signature is enough, and do not put too much time on the forum, more weak text, this is kingly, soft wen is still very stable, Dozens of forum links can not be compared to soft wen to the stability and security, after all, the soft text is still rarely deleted.

Long-winded a heap, the key is to establish a link when the forum must pay attention to methods, do not touch the bottom line, some forums are only punishment, and some are deleted, then our efforts will be wasted.

Source: Harbin website Construction-Actual site design, reproduced annotated.

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