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Presumably now do local talent network webmaster a few, I am a, do the local talent site long. Website is last April on the line, during the early May around usher in a big update Baidu, site keyword ranking in Baidu home second position, to the end of the June site of the PR from 0 to 4, is very surprising to me. Then I think back to the site in this station to do everything to share experience and for doing or ready to do local talent network webmaster some suggestions.

First of all: the beginning of the Web site in early April 09, they are looking for local recruitment units to bring their recruitment information, and contact the local Labor security Bureau, received a large number of recruitment information and individual job-seekers confidence, through the information to extract their mobile phone number, by way of mass message, To increase the flow of the site and local awareness of the well-known degree. During this time the site through the mutual Brush platform also gets a lot of traffic.

Website in the one months of intensive operation, Baidu first included keywords will be ranked to the second position, on the basis of the hair then wrote the software to share to the major sites. Software once published will be reproduced to each weight relatively high SEO site. Of course, there are also the elements of their own reprint. PR for this site 0, after the seoer to the major webmaster, this month is almost every day in search of links, for the new station I believe that we all know, find links is the most headaches, but you should have to have to have the spirit of the more and more courage, one months of efforts, I keep at least to find 2 PR3 above the site, A PR1-PR2 station. In this way in my unremitting efforts, at the end of June, the website PR quickly rose to 4, it is let me excited, I still confirm the old saying, "Kung Fu pays off"!

After the beginning of April to the end of June efforts, the website keyword finally reached the first position in Baidu rankings. The website runs smoothly locally, local also has a certain degree of visibility, through the local enterprises in the website advertising revenue I will all of its funds into the Internet cafes, contact the local more than 20 Internet cafes (a home about 150-300 terminals) to each 100 yuan-200 yuan per month, the price of the Internet cafes leased the IE home. The future is bright, but the nightmare is just beginning, one afternoon, this site IDC service provider call me to tell me that my site because of the illegal medicine test answers to sell information was this to close its space, and screenshot evidence of a, put forward according to the requirements of rectification, received the news quickly open the site to see indeed found that there are such articles, regret has , Late already!! Because the website program is not developed by itself, but purchased. There can be no audit published articles, this loophole I have long been found, but out of luck, not care. Now Fang know has become a blunder, extremely distressed, in accordance with the requirements of IDC service Provider website revision, submitted to open the application, half a month passed, no news, very urgent, telephone IDC customer service, not fruit, need to wait patiently. One months have passed, but still did not open, but the IDC came to the message "The content of the site contains interactive content of the release of the need to delete all parties can use, both now the space can not be used, unless the replacement of web site procedures," received news, dumbfounded. Many local businesses have asked for refunds, and the Web site space can not open, Zuo and want to have to change space business, but in this one-month stop time of the site quickly dropped to the second page, the PR value has not changed, after one months of careful revision, the website to find a IDC service provider, a smooth online. Now has returned to normal, but in this two months of aquatic fiery struggle, the site Baidu snapshot stay in two months ago, the PR value finally updated to 0.

After this failure, summed up some experience, want to do a good website, the first website program must be the best, can not be casually download a set of programs at Stationmaster station to use, the second space business choice is also crucial, a good access speed and time reflects the user's experience. Second, doing a website is like doing business, no more than the line of the laws of the country. The content of the website must audit and audit again, otherwise just like me not to lose.

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