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Do the network to promote SEO also have half a year, first do business station, now do online Mall class site, every day to listen to the conversion rate, PV those words. Sometimes feel very distressed, because every webmaster is thinking how to improve these various indicators. In particular, like doing online shopping malls, conversion rate higher means high sales, it means that the end of the year when more bonus points. But do we usually have real attention to the underlying sources of those indicators when we do? Have you thought about the reasons for this data? Today, I share with you a few thoughts on the conversion rate of the website.

Before we talk about this, we have to start with a concept, what is conversion rate? Each site has a purpose, no matter what type of site it is, and that purpose is to transform the results. For example, I wrote this article, it is naturally want to share experience with you, it means that the more people see me to write the more successful, that is, the more strangers will look at this article, that is to say that the conversion rate is high. Look at other types of stations, including online shopping malls, vertical stations or enterprise stations, their existence is nothing but a very clear purpose, and this goal is the result of their pursuit of transformation.

Here's a few things I know about conversion rates.

First, the website lacks the clear goal. Careful netizens may find that when you browse the site, you will find that some of the pages you are repeatedly see how many times you do not know what it wants to express what the idea. This means that he did not know what his purpose was when he made the webpage, and he did not know what to do when he did not have a clear goal. For the online mall type of Web site you are pursuing the nature is high sales, high performance. But what are the factors driving the Web site? Recently, the long tail theory, we all know that often 80% of sales are from 20% of the product. If you want to increase your performance through 20% of these products, you should focus on this part and try to improve the transformation of this part of the product. If you are trying to expand the impact of capturing customers by visiting your site through a large number of viewers, you should focus on how to increase traffic, which means the reason for the goal is clear.

Second, the site entrance and landing page does not match. People who often surf the internet will find that the Internet is full of "Click here to get 100QQ", "beautiful video" and so the temptation of the link, whether it is text, or picture animation form, you must have been on this when, for example, when downloading software on some sites everywhere are some point this download, But when you do, you will find that it is not so. What do you think now?

Of course is in the heart lambaste, haha. This is normal. It's not a bad bet to be cheated. But we have a lot of webmaster in the station will also appear this situation, whether intentionally or unintentionally, when others find that you will hurt others. He will exit your website immediately, will not come again, also caused your site jump rate so high reason. But there will be some anomalies, such as one of my station has a page is to write marriage test, jump rate incredibly 88%, but very popular, I was very puzzled, the results found that this page is what he is looking for, and found the natural go.

Third, the record page design is unreasonable. Everyone must often receive Taobao or vancl such as promotional mail, you will find through those emails to their website, those promotional pages must have some pep talk, such as "special offers limited time limit" and so on. Call to Action! But many of our websites do not have this idea when designing this kind of login page, you can see the famous shopping station will find that their promotional information must be in the most conspicuous place, is also the most conspicuous design.

Then there are some friends like to use flash or high-definition pictures, although I admit that the form of flash is really vivid, and very rich. But I believe that with China's current speed, there are still a lot of people do not want to wait for that minute of the buffer time. So be sure to design a reasonable landing page, otherwise someone else came to your site and you scared away. Such a site conversion rate is certainly not high.

Four, the website structure design unreasonable, there is no reasonable flow. We all know that the conversion rate is actually a funnel type, the more steps you go through, the fewer customers you will end up staying. That is why many shopping sites in the final settlement will have two settlement process, one is not required to log on, the other is to sign up after the settlement. You can see that a lot of news sites have voting function, and some stations when you want to click on the vote when you are disappointed to appear "please login" hint, I do not have so much time to register an account? Maybe it's about accumulating the number of users. But when you do, you lose one. In other words, the conversion of your voting function is not high.

Okay, that's it for today. Next time to say about the conversion rate of the problem, thank you, welcome to communicate Oh!

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