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A5 for many years, the site changed one after another, A5 account also followed, since A5 became the website news source, A5 article (soft) quality is a significant upgrade, completely in order to increase the link and write the soft text of the rubbish basically does not appear. Brother, I'm going to make a bold remark about A5 article (soft article): Real, practical, give an opportunity.

On the truth: the title of the party's rampant, even if a piece of not even a cheat of the article can be fooled a group of lovely webmaster to see, what to get wind tens of millions of, one months income how much and so on, but the professional webmaster query found Alex and IP was scared to death, for this kind of article Hope A5 Editor can be gatekeeper, Don't mislead the young stationmaster! As A5 a netizen said, "This even soft wen is not counted, is a liar", we webmaster can not catch a cheat reputation, a few days ago in Tencent to see a 5-year listing plan by netizens spoof enough depressed.

On the practical: on the A5 are all the webmaster hope to learn from the A5 article (soft), A5 editor has been in strict review, recommend good articles for you to learn from the webmaster. Brother I simply put A5 webmaster original article (soft text) did a classification:

Theoretical Network Marketing Consultant article (soft): about this kind of network marketing consultant can be divided into two categories, one is in the industry quite well-known practical theory to send network marketing consultants, they have a very successful network operation case or in the well-known network company's work experience, due to their success or their professional professional training, They write the article for not seen the big grass roots webmaster should be very learning significance, they in A5 article was clicked Very high, strange is the message is disgusting, I do not know why Ah! The other is the network marketing enthusiasts, they began to build a personal blog to learn a variety of network marketing promotion methods, They are very serious, and out of the article is very "perfect", but because of the lack of actual operation, many processes have taken for granted, from the actual impractical, from the commercialization of the network marketing there is a distance. But no matter what kind, all need respect, after all, send a lot of mind to do one thing, whether for hype or increase outside the chain.

Entrepreneurial webmaster published articles (soft text): Some people say NB make money the stationmaster is busy doing station that has time in A5 release Soft Wen, general release article webmaster are new webmaster and development webmaster, they put their build station process of the emotions, put their promotion method, The success and failure of their web site to share and discuss the experience, their experiences and experience is far more valuable than for an outside chain or a soft communication opportunities, we also need to respect.

In the Enterprise and network marketing staff published articles (soft): (A5 Article submission guide: The following reasons may lead to your submission will not be approved: 4. Enterprise soft, but the contributor is not the site enterprise users. It seems that this kind of article is not easy to publish. They may also be a webmaster, perhaps the future of the webmaster let them confused they chose in the enterprise to engage in optimization or promotion work or their own network enterprises, but they will also remember A5, published an article in A5 (soft) for the promotion of corporate sales are not very significant, but they often come to A5 submissions, Their work to promote the experience of sharing with you, we need to respect, this is our real learning to understand the actual site marketing campaign is how to start the profit.

About giving an opportunity: some people say that A5 's article is not chinaz good, can not be denied that the article audit than A5 strict many, but A5 to any one Webmaster release article (soft) opportunity, as long as you seriously to write your true experience experience, Even if the text organization is not strong enough or even the logic is a bit messy, A5 will give a chance.

Today wrote this article is a comrade told me, my chain has more than 10,000, is how to come? Of course, that's just the page shows the actual every so much, but my chain is basically released from the A5 article (soft text) obtained, hehe!

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