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I believe most webmaster friends can understand, write an original article is not easy, if it is not easy to write every day, and a site needs a lot of original content, to get so much original content itself is a difficult, so in order to solve the problem, stationmaster eight, recount, use a lot of ways to do content, But summed up said, nothing more than false original and scanning tools to scan original content, and so on, then, is it really so important to be original? is false originality really useful? What is the relationship between SEO and original content? In view of these problems, the author put forward personal views, of course, this is a personal point of view, Get more insights.

First: Search engine is not able to identify the so-called original, personal view, search engines do not recognize the so-called original, so too much emphasis on the original content of the article is not really meaningful, in fact, an article is original, and sometimes with who was first included, I believe many stationmaster will often find, Sometimes their own hard to write the original is not necessarily included, but others reprinted after this article is included, if this article is reproduced more words, included many words, their so-called original is likely not to be included in the opportunity, until the weight of their site accumulated to a certain extent, only to be included. Webmaster friends will say, can be crawled according to the time to determine, but this is not fair, sometimes not fully realized. Personally believe that only when the site has a certain weight, published the original article is meaningful, at the same time, the original article should have a meaning, is the content is relatively fresh, online reprint of a few articles, such as you to reprint a relatively fresh article, is included in the possibility of greatly increased, And the search engine will give a certain degree of recognition.

Second: Whether the false original is really meaningful, personally feel that is not so, online someone wrote a lot of how to do false original articles, citing the change of title, change the head and tail two paragraphs, and adjust the smooth and so many other methods, there are people put forward the way to do false original, in the past, but also useful tools to do false original, Personally, I don't think it's very significant, search engines can now be more effective identification, which is related to the work of the search engine, and word segmentation technology, the individual believes that if an article after the word, and then summed up the number of these words, the proportion, and then the search engine for these words to judge, See if there are a lot of articles similar to the ratio, that is, search engines have a standard, that the number of similarities is considered to be replicated, of course, this is my personal thoughts, have been trying to test, unfortunately no conditions, I hope someone can test to achieve a bit. According to my personal point of view, adjust smoothly, change the title is not significant, the most important thing is to adjust the proportion of some words, or to replace some words, but to maintain the readability of the article, this is better.

Third: The quality of the original article is not as good as an excellent quality of reprinted articles. Do not think that the original article is kingly, the most crucial to the quality, the individual think that the original quality if not high, but not as good as a high quality reprinted articles. This is also a certain proof.

Four: The longer the article is recognized the higher the probability. Perhaps a lot of people will find that some of the articles reproduced if very long, relative to an original very short article, is included in the possibility of more, this may be a factor in search engine algorithm, in fact, many experts also said, rather than update the content of low quality every day, a week to publish a good quality article, Even reproduced articles.

I always support the original, but also hope that everyone is original, so that there will be development, but also to provide users with more things. This is my personal opinion, may not be correct, but I hope to learn more knowledge, finally, the article copyright: Guangzhou People Hospital:, Welcome to reprint, but please reprint the time to retain the link, respect for others, that is respect for their own, Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

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