Sony confirmed "Flip-flop 3" launch date April 12 landing PSN

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(Compile/Sky white) from today, players can count on the long-awaited "flop Bang 3" Countdown!  Sony announced on the PlayStation Blog today that "Flop 3" will be available on April 12. In Flop 2, the story is about the adventures of the flop in the new continent and fighting against the evil tribes.  So after all this, what kind of surprise will "flop 3" bring to the player? Still celebrating the triumph of the flop clan suddenly encountered a huge ship, a very ominous message was recorded on the ship by ancient magic: Warning The world of mortal doom and darkness that is about to cloud the world. Don't look back, or you'll be eroded by seven of evils. Despite the warning, But the slamming tribes did not escape the unfortunate fate, and successive victories made them arrogant. In the face of evil, they assemble their troops to kill monsters as usual, with spear, with knives, until a thunderous explosion sounded, the atmosphere of darkness quickly diffuse to the whole world. It was then that they realized how wrong they were, but it was too late and their bodies had become hard stones ... The whole flop clan almost perished, only a lone and courageous flop-bearer survived.  As the God who signed the contract with them, you have to create a new hero, once again to help them gather material, assemble the troops, and bring the dark ones down. "Flop 3" HD trailer new weapons, new characters and a new multiplayer adventure, "Flop 3" will be on April 12 in UMD and PSN on the first issue, April 17 landing at the retail outlets, priced at 19.99 U.S. dollars (about 130 yuan).
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