Sony executives hint that NGP will gradually introduce the naked-eye 3D function in the future

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(Compiling/Katy Fish) According to overseas media reports, Sony European President Andrew House has hinted in an interview that it does not rule out the future introduction of the "Naked 3D" function for the NGP handheld machine. "We've seen that 3D still has huge market potential, but right now we're going to focus on creating a new entertainment environment." "Now we think it's important to sit around in front of the TV and enjoy the fun of 3D games," Andrew House said. When the time is ripe and experienced, we will extend the scope further to the portable platform. "In fact, during the development process we introduced the open hole 3D effect for NGP, but we decided not to implement it in the end." We provide an innovative user interface for NGP and we want to focus on our unique portable entertainment experience. "Obviously, the introduction of the" Naked 3D "feature at this stage will not only lose its NGP in the competition with 3DS, but will also increase the cost of manufacturing the host and shorten the battery life time. PS3 's lessons tell Sony that it must not be "armed to the teeth" when a new host is just on the market, so that not only consumers don't buy it, but developers will suffer too.
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