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Xiao Qing reporter Guangzhou correspondent reported

Following the July 3 heavy volume daily limit, the World Bank (002285.SZ) announced the suspension since July 4 opening. The reason for suspension is that the company is planning a major issue of non-public offering, the plan is still under discussion. As of the announcement day, the Company and its controlling shareholders, actual controllers and relevant parties are actively arguing to discuss non-public offering issues.

In the company behind the sudden suspension, the company or the marriage with the SouFun rumors are rampant. On the evening of July 6, Chen Jinsong, head of the World Bank Group, made a handful of five words on his weibo: "Soufun World Bank." An issue of microblogging immediately aroused hot market, the market speculation Soufun or will buy World Bank.

However, perhaps aware of the market reaction is too strong, Chen Jinsong subsequently deleted the microblogging. At the same time, the secondary market, the company stock price has been the first move. July 3, after a long time in the low consolidation of the World Bank line day limit, closing at 8.81 yuan, the transaction amount from 65.89 million yuan the previous day soared to 244 million yuan, 2.7 times magnification.

In this regard, private-sector organizations believe that Chen Jinsong at the crucial moment when the company planned for the non-public issuance posted the word "Soufun World Bank" on his personal Weibo or disclosed the "secret machine" of the cooperation.

July 8, a World Bank securities department in response to a reporter in the 21st century inquiries, said that "the company is not aware of the chairman of the microblogging remarks, nor to market rumors to comment.At that time, all companies Published announcement shall prevail.As for the stock price changes, causing the stock daily limit there are many factors that can not be generalized, concluded as relevant.

It is worth mentioning that, in the company's stock before the daily limit, the company's share price has repeatedly fallen below the non-public offering reserve price. Prior to this, after the implementation of the Company's 2013 profit distribution plan was completed, the issue price of the non-public offering of stock was adjusted to RMB8.27 per share. Since entering in June, the company's share price has accumulated 15 trading days in the additional price of the following operation.

"The downturn in the real estate market makes real estate agents choose mergers and other routes Baotuan heating. Marriage with the SouFun means OTO officially started, real estate agency or usher in the revolution." The aforementioned private sources said.

Or paving the 400 million increase

And Shenyin Wanguo, an industry researcher also said that if the company and SouFun marriage, it will undoubtedly increase the company 400 million set a helping hand.

In March this year, the World Bank announced the 2013 annual report at the same time fixed increase plan. The company intends to 14.98 yuan / share to the Allianz and seven other executives of non-public offering of 22.7 million shares, raised 400 million yuan for big data-based O2M platform construction projects and made it clear that the construction of data centers and Big data platform, core business services cloud, mobile Internet client platform.

Earlier, the company often hovered in the share price near the IPO price increase, coupled with the real estate turn cold, the market's voice of the company also gradually increased. In this regard, the World Bank Deputy General Manager, Deputy General Manager Yuan Hongchang bluntly, the company raised by raising funds to be invested in the company's own development of big data O2M platform, is a real move of the transition. At the same time, the private placement is also a serious matter. The short-term fluctuation of the share price of the company belongs to the normal market phenomenon. Whether it is lower or higher than the private placement price will not cause any disruption to the issuance.

"Although the external environment is difficult, but the company management is still full of confidence in the operation into the second half of real estate, the company firmly optimistic about the real estate services industry, the online offline / B-side, C-side has its own unique insights will be developed accordingly Out of business products and services for their business characteristics to expand business space. "Yuan Hongchang said.

Baotuan heating O2O

In this regard, the aforementioned private-sector agencies said that in the context of the real estate market turn cold, the market speculation is by no means groundless.

"To a certain extent, starting O2O is a joint choice between the two parties." The source said, "The advantages of offline real estate agents are reflected in offline real estate information resources and housing experience; the advantages of online real estate e-commerce providers are reflected In terms of traffic resources, once both parties join forces, the two form the O2O mode, which realizes the integration of online information inquiry and online viewing experience, forming a commercial closed loop.

However, the couplets and SouFun in the affair before the market for the company can transform the voice of doubt 2C is quite large. Some market view that the success of an APP, to a large extent, its "sticky", unless it is bound in the flow of the Internet giant.

Previously, although the World Bank claims to have 300,000 annual turnover of clients, but as an agent, real estate sales are completed or the contract is no longer renewed, the staff will completely evacuate the real estate, also in addition to the phone can not continue to reach out to households. However, if the company eventually succeeded in marrying SouFun, the problem could be solved. According to Analysys on the real estate APP download statistics show that as of March 31, 2014, SouFun APP download has reached 9.13 million times, ranking the top of the real estate APP download. At this stage, soufun traffic accounted for more than 20%.

Similarly, already suffering from the market SouFun compromised, the two sides to boost its share price after all, is a "stronghold." May 28 this year, Hangzhou, Hangzhou, nine intermediary companies collectively shelves all listings of Hangzhou SouFun, the same day, Chongqing 10 intermediaries to the SouFun lower fees and other requirements. After that, a number of intermediary companies in Beijing, Qingdao, Shenzhen, Henan and other places formed an alliance one after another, announcing that they should shelve products and resist Soufun. June 11, SouFun reached a preliminary agreement with major agencies, port costs 6 fold. The boycott made the market value of SouFun once plunged from 5.638 billion U.S. dollars on March 31 to 3,493 million U.S. dollars on June 13 and evaporated 2.2 billion U.S. dollars, nearly 13.6 billion U.S. dollars.

June 13, JP Morgan Chase released an investment report, said the stock price of SouFun downgraded from "overweight" to "neutral", the target price lowered from 17 US dollars to 10 US dollars.

The current market is questionable is that if SouFun cooperation with the World Bank, although the short term equal to the soufun flow or customer value maximization, but in the long run may shake its customer base.

"Think about it, if Taobao out to sell out the customer information, or holding the QQ customer data to sell outside, what kind of consequences will it? Soufun is also true." There are market participants said.

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