Speculation in Yunnan copper-brown copper mine to boost 17%

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Each reporter Zhangjilu Yunnan copper Industry (000878, close to 26.20 yuan) in the past two days to become the leader of the rebound of non-ferrous metal plate, the two-day rise of up to 16.76%.  The stock price of cloud copper is such a ferocious rally, on the one hand is because Shanghai copper price has stood on the top of 41000 yuan/ton, is only one step away from the early rebound high, on the other hand, the market rumor group holding 51% of the copper deposit will be injected into the listed companies, so that the company will be a substantial increase in the reserves. Inject rumors again last December, the market was rumored that Cloud copper group may inject copper into Yunnan, and the first half of 2008 has completed the early years of the relevant approval work, the second half of construction, the year to complete investment of 800 million yuan.  But then Yunnan Copper, the report and the facts do not match, in the short term, Cloud Copper group does not have to inject the copper copper industry in Yunnan May.  What kind of copper mine is the Brown copper mine that has attracted so many reverie in the market? Public information indicates that the copper deposit was discovered in 2005, to obtain more than 920,000 tons of high-grade copper, of which 760,000 tons are available for mining and use of high-level reserves, associated gold 28 tons, 200 tons of silver, molybdenum 6400 tons, 2 million tons of sulfur, comprehensive recovery and utilization value, the potential economic value of more than 40 billion yuan,  Forecast resources can reach more than 3 million tons.  Industry insiders said that the copper Group owns 51% of the mine, and most of the shares are owned by the government, and that is the 51% of the equity in Yunnan copper industry overhead fog, when the group will be injected into the listed companies.  In the past two days, the market is rumored to be four, some industry analysts told reporters that the copper Group Holdings 51% of the Brown copper mine may be at the end of September to open the world natural heritage of the natural heritage, so the group will be able to exploit the mine, will soon be injected into the listed companies.  According to the latest data, the current 1.8 million tons of proven reserves in the copper deposit, the prospect of more than 5 million tons, if injected into Yunnan copper industry, will increase the reserves of nearly 100 tons, compared to the Yunnan copper industry about 160 tons of retained reserves will increase by more than 60%.  Institutional capital is in the buying. While the copper mine will bring huge reserves to Yunnan, it still needs to wait for the company to produce real benefits. Huatai Securities industry analyst Gao told the "Daily Economic news" reporter, mining construction generally takes about 2 years, and this year only to put in the preliminary work of the Planck copper mine is expected to complete the construction cycle at the end of 2011.  That is to say, even if the injection of the copper ore will need to wait until 2011 to produce benefits to the company, the rumors of the injection of minerals at this stage is still a good story. However, institutional funding has flocked into the first trading limit. According to public trading information, the first trading in Yunnan Copper this week, there are three institutions dedicated seats to buy, although there is an agency to sell 33.4302 million yuan, but compared to the agency to buy 162.8803 million yuan, the gap is stillVery large, which also indicates that the institutional capital in bulk entry.  In addition, the market recently on the Yunnan copper industry positive rumors constantly: first of all, Cloud copper will be built in Chifeng smelting plant, the local government may be given some small mines and prospecting rights, followed by the company to integrate the "four mines a plant" residual equity; there are new developments in the western section of the Great Red Hill mine in Yuxi mining, and there is a possibility of additional reserves. is in so many good rumors of the stimulation, Yunnan copper yesterday higher than 5%, the early plate was sealed up to stop the plate, although the tail plate with the market diving open trading board, but also showed the capital of Yunnan copper industry bullish.
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