Speeding cameras, shooting hundreds of photos per second.

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"TechWeb report" before, high-speed burst only in some partial professional-level equipment can be achieved, and later through the progress of software algorithms, some cards and even mobile phones can achieve similar functions, but just for a function to buy those devices, the cost is not a bit high? But now we just need apps, your old iphone can turn into a high-speed camera, Superburst camera overspeed camera (download) can take 120 photos per second, almost guaranteed that every frame of the image is saved. The use of Overspeed camera is very simple, as long as the shutter, the application will continue to shoot the action, press the stop again, such a move is not difficult to let us connect with the video shoot, in fact, the photos after the completion of the video to show the form, left and right sliding interface can choose to keep At the same time support a key to upload to Sina Weibo. In addition, the application support countdown shooting mode, shutter speed can be adjusted. The software does not save all photos at once, do not need to delete one key without worrying about space occupancy issues. This application for such as a small series of cat slaves is simply suitable, each time to take a picture of it is silly waiting for it to stop, and a chance to capture. With a speeding camera, this situation can be greatly improved.
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