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Quality of sleep refuse to return sleep even on the eight-day class is the holiday after the students ushered in a thunderbolt, although today is the 3rd day, but there are 5 days! Count this long day, may as well give oneself the work to add the material, the work is still grasping time rests. Today, a small series to recommend 8 to relax the mood of the app, and work, let us gently relax the work of the 8 days of the day! Software name: "Relaxing Melody" Price: Free update: August 2, 2012 size: 39.8 MB Even 8 days of the class is indeed painful many friends, the most important thing is to ensure the quality of rest sleep. Let yourself forget the pressure and relax your mind. "Relaxing melody" is a way to achieve calm relaxation or into deep sleep. Give yourself a chance to feel better. "Relaxing Melody" Application screenshot "relaxing Melody" is an innovative concept of relaxation. Use a simple way to match the sound with beautiful high-definition picture sets. You can choose your favorite voice and music, and then listen and enjoy the slides, which brings a great relaxing experience. After the trial, you will be listening to your music mix and watch the screen picture. Join 5,000,000 relaxing users and enjoy the simplest ultimate relaxation experience! "Relaxing Melody" Application screenshot _____________________________________________________________________ _ Software Name: "Happy Alarm Clock" Price: free Date: August 31, 2012 size: 23.8 MB The alarm clock is our working day, what life will be without it, that's unimaginable. When getting up encounters the game! The best alarm clock will not only awaken you on time, but also allow you to usher in a new day in your happy mood! The happy alarm clock is a clever combination of the alarm clock and the game. "Happy Alarm Clock" application screenshot fun simple game settings let you open your eyes in the morning is not sleepy and pain, but look forward to and happy, 5 very interesting games, the morning alarm clock sounded immediately after the meeting with you, so you wake up in the small game ~ want to nap? Go through the Customs! How many people have missed important jobs and appointments for another five minutes? Happy Alarm Clock game clearance is not so easy, customs can get up! Two minutes of concentration can let you really sober up, and back to say goodbye! "Happy Alarm Clock" application screenshot
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