Spend 90,000 to buy a fake diploma "Yang Doctor" a year crash

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According to the "Half Moon talk about internal edition" report, registered "Education and Training Company", the use of text messages to disseminate false information, claiming that the world famous diploma without exams, and the use of Shanzhai sites to defraud victims of money-Beijing police recently cracked a series of crimes involving a diploma in the fake, confirmed that more than 200 business executives were cheated,  The amount involved amounted to tens of millions of dollars. Why is a fake foreign diploma scam making so many "smart people" fooled?  About half a month reporter recently in Beijing Haidian District Detention Center to listen to an arrested former practitioners told the insider. Fast Foreign diploma fees for the illegal operation of the custody of the rest told reporters, in 2008, by the industry, he received the "Columbia International Academy" authorization, can be in the domestic "Columbia International College" in the name of the school enrollment.  After obtaining the authorization, I rented a few offices of Beijing University Resources Mansion, listed "Columbia International College China Management Center", and recruited the students of MBA (MBA) and DBA (ph. D) course, then hired teachers and rented venues to teach students and organize students to reply. "Thesis defense general Arrangement in Singapore, we will advance in the domestic organization of the defense, in fact, is to take a form, it is impossible."  "I said that, whether it is an MBA or a DBA, it takes only a year to complete the" learning task ", students will be able to receive the" Columbia International Academy "awarded a degree. Of course, students also pay a high fee for a crash diploma. "Master more than 50,000, doctor more than 90,000, this is our general fee standard."  I told the reporter. In fact such a foreign diploma is a "Beautiful Lie".  Reporters found that the so-called "Columbia International College" is not published by the Ministry of Education, the List of American universities, the school issued a diploma is not recognized by the Ministry of Education. False foreign diploma forming industry chain more than 30 years old has been in Beijing Zhongguancun engaged in technical work, in the see many people open the company "Pour the foreign diploma" after making a fortune, he also chose this "make money". "The industry has been around for more than 10 years and has formed an industrial chain," he said. "In fact, we don't make much money on this chain," he said. "I give the reporter calculate a sum," to the student fees, responsible for enrollment of 40%, to foreign schools about 20%, employing teachers accounted for more than 20%, to us, almost can only get 20%. Yu said that the company responsible for the training content of the diploma is mainly concentrated in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and several other major cities, and the company responsible for recruiting students throughout the country.  Judging by his experience, the industry employs at least tens of thousands of people. Yu Yu told reporters that his company from the beginning of registration, has been no relevant departments to intervene in their business.  The lack of regulation has led to a variety of "educational consulting firms" joining the ranks of the production of fake foreign diplomas. The root cause lies in the lack of integrity of the community. Haidian District prosecutors told reporters that this January to May, the hospital accepted the use of foreign false academic qualifications to implement the crime of 7 pieces of 33 people, involved in the amount of nearly 8 million yuan, the victims of up to 339 people, the victims of 80% of the company's deputy general manager of the above level of senior executives, and even include well-known corporate executives. People with a bit of common sense should understand that a formal foreign university diploma is unlikely to be so readily available, so why are these executives still flocking to a fake foreign diploma? In the final analysis, the lack of integrity of the social environment has spawned the phenomenon of buying diplomas, the low cost of credit, the reality of the high cost of keeping faith also makes the purchase of diplomas even if it will not pay too many costs, so many people are willing to pay, and counterfeiters also have an opportunity. Share to:
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