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Spring Festival is approaching, every household is busy to buy New year, the major shopping malls flow, online shopping is also booming. Experts said that the rapid development of e-commerce, online shopping is only one of its symptoms, but in the logistics and transportation, on-line payment and consumer rights and interests still exist short board.

Online shopping is very lively

In the major network to buy and buy http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/10411.html "> Home page, a variety of Spring Festival special signs to see people dazzling, the Spring Festival has become the protagonist of the low price big gala." Taobao Mall, a number of popular spring Festival gift monthly sales have been over million pieces.

Chongqing, a foreign bank staff Raixu is a net to buy a person, only last year net purchase consumption amounted to 50,000 yuan. "The Spring Festival is of course online procurement, do not go to the mall people crowded, the price is cheap, door-to-door." I bought 6 cases of hairy crabs and bought some snacks like pistachios to entertain friends and family for the new year. "Raixu said.

Open the car repair shop Sunjia said, factory young workers are very like online shopping, near the Spring Festival every day there are express company to the factory sent a lot of goods, "I also asked them to help me to buy some of the spring Festival hospitality snacks, feeling really cheap." ”

Most middle-aged and older consumers are still accustomed to buying in the physical shop, but as the online shopping popular, they also began to "net". A graduate student Guan said, parents bought the spring Festival early in the mall, but under his guidance also on the Network to supplement the purchase of a part, "cheap and convenient, my mom also began to like online shopping." ”

The short plate still needs to be improved

Online shopping for the spring Festival is booming, but as with E-commerce, in logistics and transportation, after-sales service and on-line payment there are still some short boards.

A university counselor Liang Kun said, online shopping is cheap and convenient, but now express courier companies are on vacation home for the new year, almost all do not accept express. Even if the goods can be shipped, whether there are problems, such as return, and so on, due to the Spring Festival near the transport logistics in the great trouble.

In food and other commodities, many consumers still say "do not trust to buy from the Internet." A university teacher Wang Yu said, the net buys the Spring festival mainly is buys the child's clothes and the New year decorates the household the small article, but eats the food, considers the freshness question, or buys at the supermarket at ease.

In the quality of goods, there are many consumers said "online purchase weeding, not clear". Fruit stall booth Aunt Wu said that the child before the online bought two t-shirts, although the price is cheap, but the quality is too bad, finally is returned.

After-sales service is also a consumer of online shopping more dissatisfied with one of the problems. A university student Dong Xin said, fast New year, spent thousands of yuan bought a novice machine, but used a few days can not charge, the shopkeeper said is the warranty, "but sent back to repair, who knows the replacement parts is not refurbished?"

"Because the quality of the bought coat is too bad to return, give a bad comment, the business every day call harassing me." "Deng Jianyi, a public institution worker in Chongqing, said.

Consumer supervision should strengthen

Experts said that with the rise of e-commerce, online shopping for the future or will become the mainstream, but should strengthen consumer supervision, to solve the existing short plate and missing problems.

Sun Yuanming, a researcher at the Chongqing Academy of Social Sciences, said that the new shopping style of the online shopping brings more choices for people to buy. Network business of exquisite and unique advertising and the strength of a huge discount to attract people, online shopping from the form, manner and so on to the real life of the infiltration.

Du Chenwei, an E-commerce professional teacher at Lanzhou University, said that after several years of rapid development, E-commerce has entered the Golden age, but the current logistics support and online payment of the short board is the main bottleneck restricting the development of e-commerce. "In solving the problem of logistics and payment, the future of E-commerce will gradually become mainstream, to achieve the same as the real sales of the world status." ”

On the issue of consumers ' rights and interests, Sun Yuanming said that there is a certain degree of circumvention of consumer supervision, and also a shock to the existing financial order and management order. The periodical holiday Holidays network consumption also brings the pressure and the challenge to the express industry. Sun Yuanming suggested that the relevant departments should aim at the characteristics of network consumption, formulate appropriate monitoring and protection mechanisms to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

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