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From the fall of DeLong's hands took over St Alloy (000633.SZ), Liaoning Machinery (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Liao Machine Group") after five years, now began to "King." July 10, St alloy disclosure announcement, according to the company's development strategy, in order to support the company's existing business development and to lay the foundation for the company's strategic transformation, the company is to hold the Dalian Bao Original Port Limited (hereinafter referred to as "the original port") 85% of the stake to 13.85 million yuan of the price and Dalian Bao Yuan Nuclear Equipment Co.  Bao original nuclear equipment ") 41% of the stake to 163 million yuan price, transfer to the company's major shareholder Liao Machine Group.  As everyone knows, Bao original port 85% of the equity and the stock of the original nuclear equipment 41% is the Liao Machine group to enter the main St alloy of the "capital", Liao Machine Group in the injection of St alloy, and almost the same as the price of the same year to buy back.  Liao Machine Group so back and forth to carry out assets resell "Toss" St alloy, which in the end what kind of story? After the collapse of DeLong in 2005, Huarong Asset Management company took over the mess left by the DeLong system, and they found the debt restructuring of the Liao Machine group.  The December 3, 2, the St alloy issued a notice said, the acquisition of Liao Machine Group Holdings of BAO original nuclear equipment 41% and Bao original port 85% of the equity, as well as Liao Machine Group owned Dalian Bonded Zone standard Workshop, Yi Cai City Shopping Center, the third to fourth floor two properties.  Liao Machine Group agreed to the above Non-cash assets into the St alloy, at that time, Xinjiang DeLong and its associated enterprises occupy the total amount of St alloy is about 319 million yuan, and promised St alloy for the Liao Machine group due funds will be given priority in the generation of Xinjiang DeLong and its associated enterprises to repay the investment in the alloy arrears of debt.  But over the past few years, the two companies ' book receipts have been poor. 2009, the original port and Bao Yuan nuclear equipment two companies operating income of 744,900 yuan, 212.8843 million yuan respectively.  Bao Original port 2009-year loss of 1.9136 million yuan, the first quarter of this year still loss of 377,900 yuan; The original nuclear equipment in 2007, 2008, 2009 three consecutive losses, 2009 years loss of 1.2166 million yuan, 2010 only in the first quarter of the loss as much as 9.1996 million yuan.  This has also become the reason for St alloy to resell the two companies to Liao Machine Group.  This time, the original port 85% of the stock and Bao original nuclear equipment 41% of the equity, respectively, 13.85 million yuan, 163 million yuan.  However, some investors raised the question, 5 years after the original nuclear equipment and treasure port is not the original "Hounie-Amont", now transfer, is undoubtedly "cheap" Liao machine group. According to the April 25, 2009 Dalian Daily reported that the original nuclear equipment has been determined to relocate Dalian bonded zone, the project investment scale of 360 million yuan, covers an area of 71,000 square meters. The project is scheduled to be completed in October this year and March 2011 for production in 2012. Project up to the postpartum, with annual production of nuclear power plants, non-standard output value of more than 800 million of the production capacity, is expected to achieve the annual sales income of 500 million yuan. The paper also discloses the important information of the original nuclear equipment, "according to the company responsible for yesterday, Bao original nuclear equipment last year (2008), the output value has reached 300 million yuan, restructuring 5 years in the output value has also increased 10 times times, and currently in the hands of the contract has been nearly 400 million yuan." "From these descriptions, the original nuclear equipment is not so bad, why should the original nuclear equipment after the relocation of the sale?" and the original nuclear equipment and treasure the original port plant is located in Dalian Ganjingzi District Hoi North Road, is the old City, immediately to be reformed, now the average price of Dalian City is about 10,000 yuan per square metre. How much space will the land appreciate in the future? In general, is the price of the original nuclear equipment transfer reasonable?  "One investor did not understand the transfer. July 14, the "First financial daily" reporter called the Planning Bureau of Dalian Ganjingzi District, the planning branch, Liu learned that the plot belongs to the old Town transformation, directly responsible for the city government.  However, a staff member of the planning Department of the City Planning Bureau revealed that the land planning is indeed in the area of relocation, but because at the control stage, there is no clear planning, if so, it should also be in the secrecy stage. According to St Alloy July 10 notice revealed, "Liao Machine Group commitment, in the next two years, if the original nuclear equipment and Bao original port to receive the relocation of compensation in addition to the evaluation value of the transfer to the Government of the land transferred to the amount of cost savings, the Liao Machine group will be multiplied by the agreement of the proportion of the share compensation to St alloy. "" is still the industrial land, and the scheme mentioned the compensation mechanism, so there is no major shareholder infringement on the interests of listed companies.  July 13, St Alloy Securities Affairs representative Wang Duan to our correspondent.  The reporter learned that, December 2007, St Alloy will Liao Machine group before the injection of Dalian Free Trade Zone standard workshop and Dalian Yi Cai City Shopping Center, the third to fourth floor two real estate and Liao Machine Group held Dalian Electric Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "electrical property") 62% of the equity exchange.  Originally with the original nuclear equipment and treasure the original port of ports injected into the St alloy of Dalian Bonded Zone standard workshop and Dalian Yi Cai City Shopping Center, the third to fourth floor two real estate unexpectedly returned to the Liao machine group "bosom".  More bizarre is, a year later in December 2008, 62% of the electric property right back to the Liao Machine Group, St alloy to the total price of 145 million yuan to sell the company's holdings of electric property 62% of the stake to compensate the company owed to the Liao Machine Group debt restructuring arrears. "For the past 5 years, the Liao Machine group has only temporarily assumed a debt, into the St alloy has been sold to the original assets of St alloys debt, the relocation of Shenyang plant, South Second machine tool plant shares sold, Suzhou plant land sales, earned money all the Liao Machine group, and Liao Machine group injected electricity property 62% of the equity, Free Trade Zone standard workshop and Yi Cai City of two floors, and finally took back, and nowThe original nuclear equipment 41% and Bao original port 85% of the equity took back, Liao Machine group Why do this? is on behalf of Liao Machine Group have speculative mentality, or want to sell St alloy again? Another investor is equally puzzled.
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