St deflection to be injected into molybdenum ore reserves will continue to be suspended

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St Deflection (000697) released today, the Ministry of Land and Resources, <, Shaanxi Province, Luonan County Huanglong paved molybdenum mining area of the great rock and molybdenum mine resource Reserves Verification Report > Mineral Resources Reserves Assessment record certificate.  As a result of the document on the mine's resource reserves have been estimated, the emergence of new resources reserves, will affect the company to be injected into the Shaanxi Stone asset value, ST deflection continued to suspend business. According to the bulletin, Shaanxi Stone last reserve report reserves reserves of 46.4399 million tons of ore volume, metal volume of 51,000 tons. At the same time, the original resource reserves have changed after the production and exploration, the original resource reserves have been changed (reduced) after the plate was reclassified and the resource reserves were estimated.  It is reported that the mining consumption of resources and reserves of 396,100 tons of ore, metal volume of 553.25 tons, this time to reduce the amount of molybdenum ore ore volume 2.9024 million tons, metal volume 11400 tons. However, due to the exploration, the distribution range of ore bodies from 0.388 square kilometers to expand to 0.658 square kilometers, the depth of resource reserves estimated from 1200 meters to 1332 meters, the emergence of new resources reserves. The reserves of molybdenum mineral resources in the exploration scope of new resources are 94.949 million tons of ore and 89,400 tons of metal.  This report verifies that reserves of resources in the original reserves of resources for molybdenum ore 43.1414 million tons, metal volume of 39,000 tons.  This report holds the resources reserves for molybdenum ore volume of 138 million tons, 128,500 tons of metal, respectively, than the last estimate of reserves reported increased by about twice times and 1.5 times times.  St deflection indicates that the change of the above resources reserves will affect the asset value of the Shaanxi stone smelting, and the concrete influence should be announced in time after the intermediary agencies have measured and verified. Today St Deflection also explains the large amount of metal rhenium resources that appear in the above-mentioned documents.  Review of the Mineral Resources Reserve Assessment Center of the Ministry of Land and Resource, the associated rhenium deposit in the Huanglong paved molybdenum mine area, inferred that the intrinsic economic resources are 124 million tons of ore volume, rhenium metal volume 176.11 tons, average grade 1.42 10-6. According to the introduction, from the existence of rhenium, the world's rhenium resources mainly exist in Yu Hui molybdenum ore and copper sulfide, so far in nature, no rhenium found single minerals.  The rhenium element was detected from the Hui-mo ore during the verification of the previous reserves in Shaanxi. Shaanxi Stone-smelting researchers have also been working on the extraction of the associated precious metal rhenium, which is unique to the upper river molybdenum ore, and the technological process suitable for its own characteristics. Shaanxi Smelting Stone commissioned a class-qualified XI ' an nonferrous metallurgy design and research institute completed the "Shaanxi smelting associated metal Comprehensive development and utilization of the project Feasibility Study report", and reported to the Xianyang Development and Reform Commission application project.  March 3, 2011, Shaanxi Smelting Stone received the "about Shaanxi Stone Mining Co., Ltd. associated metal Comprehensive Development and utilization of the project for the record of the notice" document, agreed to the project for the record. There is no rhenium production and sales in Shanxi stone. Rhenium is only before the economic exploitationIn the future, it is possible to have an impact on the operation performance of Shanxi's stone smelting. In view of the relevant issues still need to further verify the intermediary agencies, the company continued to apply for the company's shares to suspend business, pending the relevant matters verified and announced after the board.
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