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Nearly 3 years of suspension of the listing of Fujian Three Agricultural Group Co., Ltd. (St San Nong, 000732) finally returned to the capital market today.  This also means that since the second half of 2007 began to restructure St three agricultural Fujian Tai Wo Investment Co., Ltd. (Tai wo Investment), its real estate assets successfully borrowed shell listing.  St farmers announced last night that the company's shares will resume listing from today, and today will not set the price limit, not included in the index calculation, the resumption of the first day after the first trading day, the stock trading limit of 5%. The previous St three agricultural pesticide production and sales, has been due to the actual control of the Chuchongpao of the Board of Directors unauthorized operation, occupy the company's funds and illegal provision of huge external guarantee behavior and debt.  In 2004, 2005, 2006, after three consecutive years of losses, the release of the 2006 report on April 18, 2007 after the suspension of transactions, the same year May 11 by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange suspended listing. From the notice of St San Nong, Tai Wo investment is in the second half of 2007 began to participate in the third rural restructuring, which was a result of the financial crisis and real estate regulation and slow the pace of restructuring. According to the announced June 11 last year, Fujian three agricultural restructuring program, Fujian farmers to invest in Tai wo not more than 780 million shares to buy its original holdings of Fuzhou Tai Wo Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. (Fuzhou Tai wo) 100% of the equity.  On April 30, 2009 as the benchmark day, Fuzhou Tai wo 100% stake in the evaluation value of 2.42 billion yuan.  October 29, 2009, the Securities and Futures Commission listed companies merger and reorganization Audit Committee has the conditions to pass the St three agricultural issue shares purchase assets and related transactions. The announcement showed that the three farmers in Tai Wo Investment real estate assets injected, the total number of shares changed to 1.017 billion shares. Among them, Tai Wo Investment held 809,400,795 shares, accounting for 79.57%.  St Three agricultural main business is transformed from pesticide production and sales to "pesticide + real Estate" double main business operation. After the completion of the reorganization, Fuzhou Tai Wo and its holding subsidiary of the Sino-Victoria Real Estate and China-dimensional real estate holdings, Beijing Tai Wo has become a subsidiary of Fujian three agricultural control and merger statements. St San Nong said, the three real estate companies are developing the project planning area of 1.3 million square meters, enough for the company's next four years of development and construction, the first injection of real estate enterprises in Fuzhou, Beijing and other cities, in the Bohai Rim economic Circle and the West Coast Economic Zone key cities, timely purchase of new land, Gradually increase the number of land reserves of the company.
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