St Xiamen to raise 1.1 billion yuan to increase research and development capacity

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NetEase Financial August 10 News St Xiamen Night announcement, the company intends to 4.88 yuan/share price directed additional 230 million shares, raise funds not more than 1.1 billion yuan.  Among them, Hua Ying power, the establishment of the Group will contribute 297 million yuan and 100 million yuan to subscribe to the private issue of the shares. The non-public offering of the funds for the investment project: The company said that through this non-public offering, the company can solve the current financial difficulties, improve credit rating, enhance financing capacity, reduce financial costs, improve the overall profit level.  At the same time, the company will obtain sufficient operating funds to promote business performance improvement and scale expansion, enhance the overall sustainable development capacity of the company. The research and Development Center will build up the technical research and development ability that adapts to the company developing strategy, enhance the independent innovation ability of the company, in the LED backlight LCD TV, all kinds of digital TV, Internet TV, interactive digital TV, 3D TV, "Triple network integration" digital terminals and other products to shrink and overtake the same industry enterprises,  To reach the domestic and world-class level. This year, the report showed that St Xiamen is still insolvent state, the net assets of about 2.58 yuan per share. In the semi-annual report of 2009, St Xiamen faced the situation of net assets-1.1 billion yuan at that time, it was mentioned that "the company is actively seeking shareholder asset injection or taking the form of directional additional investment to introduce strategic investors in order to improve the company's current financial situation, to enrich the capital, so that the company embarked on a
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