Standardizing the income distribution mechanism of state-owned enterprises

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The previous year, the SASAC Enterprise Allocation Bureau Director Yugis in Haikou, "the sixth session of the Sino-Norwegian Social Policy Forum" and the 71st International Forum on China Reform, said that SASAC will actively promote the state-owned enterprise income distribution system reform, set up a sound system norms, strict management of income distribution control mechanism,  The income of employees and leaders of state-owned enterprises is gradually institutionalized and normalized. He said that because the overall average wage of workers in state-owned enterprises is higher than that of other types of enterprises, especially those of private enterprises, there are some problems such as the large income distribution gap in the internal distribution of a few high-income enterprises, and some of the staff's remuneration are separated from the market price. It brings great pressure to the adjustment of the income distribution of the state-owned enterprises.  State-owned enterprises should accurately grasp the changing trend of the situation at home and abroad in the post financial crisis era, carefully analyze the impact on the income distribution of enterprises, and actively do a good job in income distribution. Yugis said that SASAC will promote the state-owned enterprise payroll budget management reform, scientific and reasonable preparation and implementation of the budget plan, strengthen the budget management to the Enterprise Development Strategy support and lead role, and continuously improve the budget management level, according to the characteristics of the industry and business situation, establish a sound wage efficiency linkage mechanism,  Reasonable determination of employee wage increase. Xinhua
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