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Play video (Compile/Fall) "Star 2" fans are no longer need to go out to buy the "Star 2" boxed version, according to foreign media reports, the current star 2 has been open digital version of the online download. The latest Battle page contains a link to download the StarCraft 2 game. The drawback is that due to a large number of code encryption measures, the client may not be able to install after downloading success, should wait until July 27 (StarCraft 2: Wings of Freedom entity version of the date).  Another drawback is that if you choose to buy a boxed version, it is not possible to download the game online, the game is only available to network buyers to download. This is a huge shift for blizzard, which has been selling the physical version of the game for a few days before starting online.  It seems that Blizzard does not need to think about the feelings of middlemen. Players can open a new Battle Network test page (http://beta-eu.battle.net/en/), log on to their own battle network account, select services and purchase a digital version of StarCraft 2.  The player can download the game after the purchase is complete. However, the current player even if the successful purchase, also need to wait until the "StarCraft Ⅱ" Release date-July 27 can be online certification and enter the game.
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